Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'

Video highlights of NASA safely landing the Curiosity rover on surface of Mars.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'
You know announcing plan we have our GDP news. And Kathy -- religion and updated record for the department Erica. Ultimately did at this time curiosity -- no longer trying to control how far it's quite -- it is -- heading directly for the target. And -- rent control and I used my at one point two kilometers. Field team is reporting that we her that things were pretty good at -- a -- -- we've it will be a conversion. While the earth we should be adequate part. Radio. And tedious morning it looked at. Happy hour -- There's a tone from the 100 indicating that media perhaps seen it. We -- eating each field through the at the management there aren't that expect. During the sitting on the gates -- almost horizontally like the plane. Going -- two points or at an altitude to attempt it offers them. -- reporting heartbeat again indicating that advocates Feinberg requirements we are standing by her straight up but right at -- place. We've begun entry balance match -- SN. Predicted -- get back -- -- down ranges one point 597. Kilometers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There should put there can't. Structures have been re enabled we will try to don't shoot we -- tolerate it. Rick moat under doctor Robert started appointments and their development project -- -- nominal. Dynamic -- and come back again with with -- dynamics. Mr. -- is nominal. Their daughters indeed intimately connected with -- -- with. The public and the -- of a -- secret that the point that the -- -- The carpet. That -- that it has that it we don't expand tones to -- publication as expected. Were you reside in the -- -- -- in preparation out like. Without a nightly news second an altitude of six point five auditors sent. Radio that and be a warning. Didn't bid battle it was close but should outgoing director of communications at this time. -- -- We're down to 86 -- -- second -- an option for. -- -- -- We've lost that we've lost on -- at this time it's expected that -- -- continuing on our country. -- -- is still strong. -- velocity accordions nominal altitude air five point nine years. We found -- -- -- paper and ready -- Descending at about point 75 meters second expected. Expecting adequately. -- if you remain strong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bloody images -- -- come down with you can you. Definitely completely got -- -- -- Elementary. The cardinal couldn't walk and. We'll -- down on Mars.

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{"id":16936548,"title":"Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'","duration":"3:00","description":"Video highlights of NASA safely landing the Curiosity rover on surface of Mars.","url":"/US/video/mars-nasa-curiosity-rover-landing-touchdown-7-minutes-terror-space-planet-us-16936548","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}