MLK Jr.'s Sister: Carry Out His Unfinished Work

Christine King Farris speaks of honoring her brother's legacy through non-violence and community service.
6:19 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MLK Jr.'s Sister: Carry Out His Unfinished Work
And Christine king -- not taking the podium 85 years old the illness and only little settling. Among the Kean junior. She teaches at Spelman College. Thank you. -- made it -- Distinguished program that -- things. To be among the -- that day. And to address. This is -- yeah. I don't know. If I am the most -- year. -- geared to -- -- this assembly today. But I am sick. And cure all nick Mason a lot. Who knew. Martin Luther King union when he wants a baby. Great. We have. Two -- behind. It to -- -- -- and I. Now into. Again and Dan are great Egan. Whose -- gets sick in -- chance to end I. This millions around the we're. Funds -- and me about it -- through Belarus fifty years ago -- -- -- hit me from attending. The original. But I would say don't watch it on Tel Aviv. And I want him because not every one -- -- excellent. Care. Because I'm -- again. Didn't -- there aren't many occasions. But on that today. My accident he -- great sadness. Because. He mellowed the holes. And green. End to a grand. Vision of healing and reconciliation. And brother -- The dream. My -- there scared with. And world on that's well and day out Dayton's. Fifty years ago. Continues. To -- next year and sustained. Non plowed -- activists. -- And that's. For freedom and human rights. Indeed. This yeah. Replied how powerful. Testament. Well and grew out. That lots of Great Barrington. Will live on. End -- -- pop. -- generations. To come. I happen -- as wild. My. The king junior. Is to not contact -- -- these yet. -- -- -- -- All at the -- -- where. There is no better way to honor his -- could find. Weekends then -- becoming champions have now. In -- home. And the millions. And -- -- Blair worked up and Mary. Every day. Did you -- my skin care on that -- A century ago. Remain at the state meant -- unmarried men -- The beautiful Asian. Public -- very fair freaked -- Well. -- Just fifth rather. And sifted -- it yet they ends tonight kidney month. -- now. They cannot. Use guard. Is not agree. But my -- grade is eight -- not. -- -- -- I dream yes I'm field. And we haven't. Do -- blow -- celebrate the -- as Henry Aaron. And the suppression. Of votes and rights. And I think battle that has take than the last. Country not -- People all across America. -- so painfully demonstrated. But this my. And sit and -- and -- we faith. We aren't here today. To act. The theory that we -- not. To be is are. We not going to be distracted. We -- not good to beat -- -- it -- OK. We get more and. Into that uncertain future. With -- as -- -- -- meg and me. I. And so -- and -- elementary. Goes on. Challenges. We face on the result. -- beaten up at community. Back -- the journey is sinking deep and narration route follow up costs on -- An -- around the lure. May hit and ten yen to the. Grant. Can help bring justice. -- and never -- him to follow me. --

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{"id":20099374,"title":"MLK Jr.'s Sister: Carry Out His Unfinished Work","duration":"6:19","description":"Christine King Farris speaks of honoring her brother's legacy through non-violence and community service.","url":"/US/video/martin-luther-king-jrs-sister-march-washington-anniversary-20099374","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}