Police Seek Public's Help in Finding Boy

Murdered Maryland mom's 11-year-old son was last seen Sept. 30.
3:09 | 10/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Seek Public's Help in Finding Boy
Yesterday just after 2 PM we took a missing person report Ford. An acquaintance of -- -- had not seen her for approximately two weeks. Their investigation revealed that her son. Had not been in school since September 30. Ms. McLean and her son lived on briar cliff terrorists in Germantown. Yesterday evening fifth district detectives entered -- -- -- residence and found her deceased in her bedroom. There was evidence of trauma to her upper body. Her son was not found in the apartment. It was also determined that this -- vehicle was gone. Our investigation has determined that Curtis Lopez. 45 year old man was -- -- husband. And that He was known to frequent her residence but did not appear to live there. According to witnesses mr. Lopez was recently seen in the area of -- the -- residence. And was seen removing property from the residence and loading it into the victim's vehicle. Mr. Lopez was contacted by detectives last night. In connection with -- the plane's disappearance. This was prior to the detectives discovering her body. Once -- detectives determined. That this was a homicide. Mr. Lopez based on his inconsistent statements became a person of interest. An AMBER Alert was activated for this but points vehicle and her son William. Based on the AMBER Alert Charlotte Mecklenburg PV. Located -- -- vehicle at the O'Connell lodge in Charlotte north Carolina at approximately 8:30 this morning. Based on -- additional investigative information. The warrant was obtained for mr. Lopez for first degree murder. And He was arrested at approximately 9:30 this morning as He was leading the economy alive. Eleven year old William Maclean is still missing. He is described as a biracial mail. Approximately five feet tall weighing 85 pounds. Our focus and our priority now. Is locating William -- McQuay. We're asking for the public's help if you have any information with regard to the whereabouts of William -- please contact the Montgomery county police department. At 240. 773. 5070. The major crimes division of the Montgomery -- police department. This is up. These are pictures of William and our priority our focus right now is to locate. -- -- -- We were hoping that. We would fight him -- with mr. -- but mr. Lopez. And we did not so we -- We're asking for the public's help. In locating eleven year old -- hopefully.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Murdered Maryland mom's 11-year-old son was last seen Sept. 30.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14733516","title":"Police Seek Public's Help in Finding Boy","url":"/US/video/maryland-police-seek-publics-finding-boy-14733516"}