Maryland Train Derailment Kills Two Teenagers

Train carrying coal came off the tracks after crossing a bridge outside Baltimore.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Maryland Train Derailment Kills Two Teenagers
The two young women were sitting on the tracks overlooking downtown -- city is the big CSX train carrying coal passed through. This with maps and rose mayor. Thinking that -- -- gonna have to find it now that it would be. NASA -- -- were both nineteen both American city mass attended James Madison university in -- -- the University of Delaware. The high school principal says both were talented young women they were. Classes together and you know I mean we're not a huge community and and miss the kids all know each other so I think in -- that's something that's nice and they were. They're friends then and and now. Trains pass over the tracks through downtown could see every day that there's never been a tragedy like this witnesses say they -- -- speeches at midnight and then allowed. Ran out -- -- 21 train cars on their sides in. Cold every will be looking net. The signals and communications. -- -- -- -- operations. Will be looking -- track. The mechanical person here and I brought would be -- look at the equipment itself the challenge now was to clean up this mess and it's. It's terrible tragedy.

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{"id":17056221,"title":"Maryland Train Derailment Kills Two Teenagers","duration":"3:00","description":"Train carrying coal came off the tracks after crossing a bridge outside Baltimore.","url":"/US/video/maryland-train-derailment-kills-teenagers-17056221","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}