Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple

Police chief says gunman "put down," officer injured in shootout.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple
You people are not we'll get to step -- just hard for a lot of these people right now we're just want to hear this information as well. I believe he's the police chief the city of green field addressing the media right now of Wisconsin how. Avenue. In oak tree. It is Brent Clevlen police chief of the city Greenfield it's WT and TL. Will be the public information officer in the sense that it. -- next couple of hours problem. I have limited information to give you I hope you understand this is an going in very. There's information -- cannot give you. I won't tell you this that we would leave with the media I've seen them. -- to broadcast. Any. Photos video. Tactical unit officer movement and particularly new aerial footage of the event and I'm going. That can be very dangerous personality Beaumont and executing her duties. I can tell you is that approximately 1025. Oak Creek dispatchers and other eligible -- on one all. -- -- it was important. They received further information that their previous shooting going the suit -- here know pretty. An officer arrived on scene he engaged in active shooter. That officer shot multiple. He is he has been transported to a local hospital. Is expected to survive. Officers returned fire in the shooter was put down. Here is currently outside the temple -- is -- hands. At this time we don't all our national -- Apple. Our tactical officers from multiple jurisdictions are on scene. We are going -- bottom thoughtful process. Of identifying individuals all of inside and outside. Apple and ensuring that was. Pure and attending to. Go forward. Please understand that as they said the situation is very fluid. Tactical operations are ongoing at this moment. I cannot share any other provision for him -- did not have a victim count. I do not have a suspect -- -- one officer was shot multiple times. Let -- a hospital and expected to survive and you could tell you that one suspect was shot in years down on the scene. -- our other suspects president. There -- and ask you do not broadcast images. Of office or vehicle movements on the scene particularly aerials. I will be. 3130. At this obligation. To give you an update on message. Choice and you wouldn't people who know and Oak Creek through here that there may be active there may -- other suspects out there who are are worried. As this is an area that is -- some neighborhoods that he -- -- -- people -- -- and southeastern mascots and all that there are numerous law enforcement agencies here. Local police department's oak -- is doing fantastic park Milwaukee county sheriff's department -- here the FBI is here. We have tactical units from multiple agencies and we believe we have the situation contained here. However as usual if anyone sees anyone suspicious of anything suspicious in the area these valuable opportunity to win it all like what -- -- and charges -- -- great isn't charges of pictures. Yeah you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Police chief says gunman \"put down,\" officer injured in shootout. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"16934304","title":"Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple","url":"/US/video/mass-shooting-sikh-temple-wisconsin-16934304"}