Massachusetts reaches peak of COVID-19 cases

The Boston Marathon has been postponed as residents in Boston and around the state adhere to stay at home orders.
3:53 | 04/21/20

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Transcript for Massachusetts reaches peak of COVID-19 cases
Today is patriots day state holiday in Massachusetts. When they run the Boston Marathon. Not this year. Petri dish at theaters. It the better at that today rural people early this morning at the starting line in Hopkinton. No crowds at all for a lot different. Little Twilight Zone each with our affiliate WC BP's spotted just one runner being dropped off by his family. He quickly this. It's it's not a great accomplishment. You not going to be celebrated for it knows any clapping for you because of Covert nineteen city officials convinced the Boston athletic association. To postpone this year's marathon until September. A significant. For an event held every patriots day since 1897. Even two world wars and a bombing didn't stop it. But this year Boston strong as a different meaning. The mayor's warning on Friday. If you try to run the marathon route Monday in champion. You're actually not helping us you putting people at risk. Not only were they concerned about spreading rural divide us. First responders who lined the 26 mile route to Copley Square are needed elsewhere. Air will have declared a public health authorities in the. Today they're busy with the crowds from very different Mara. We're still seeing covad all day every day. It feels like we're in it. We're just inundated with covad hesitate to use the word surge because I feel like at least for me that word is a little bit anxiety inducing. But we're death early in. Ethic of its. Everyday. We Philip the hospital every daily transfer people out every daily fill of the hospital at redo engines for people out. Herman people just keep come union and people keep coming in sick enough to need. Current commission. So. I don't know what it's gonna and it's still a little bit overwhelming. More than 38000. Infected and over 17100. Debt including at least fifty veterans at the soldiers home in holier. In Massachusetts. Like so many states retirement homes have been hit hard and Massachusetts is now believed to be reaching its heat. Catastrophe. Left Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker at a loss for words my best. I'm lost his mom. To go of it and. When you talk about. Where the numbers are going and that's what I'm really thinking about it all those people who weren't get a chance to save among the many who've stepped up to help. The highest ranking officer in the US army general James macondo a Quincy native returning home to a different sort of battlefield. We we earn a war. Against an invisible enemy. We remain army strong Massachusetts strong and boss it's wrong it's a great state. It will prevail against this virus. And we will defeat this virus patriots day is all about the commonwealth defending its own all the way back to those original minutemen. Today it's the embattled Boston Police Department. Losing officers in the line of duty to an invisible invaders and health care workers there on the front lines. Almost everywhere mouse marathons. And wait today that lone runner did cross the finish line the Boston Public Library there was nobody on the race. It was a beautiful day start for all the wrong reasons he had the course Holmes. David Wright ABC news me.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The Boston Marathon has been postponed as residents in Boston and around the state adhere to stay at home orders. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70255011","title":"Massachusetts reaches peak of COVID-19 cases","url":"/US/video/massachusetts-reaches-peak-covid-19-cases-70255011"}