Massive Ice Storm Moves East With Wintry Blast

Sleet and frigid temperatures create dangerous conditions on roads from TX to MI.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Massive Ice Storm Moves East With Wintry Blast
This is a special room. Love her and on Devin Dwyer -- New York with -- ABC news digital special report a dangerous winter storm now stretching across 2000 miles is making an icy push east. It's already dropped nearly three feet of snow in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin and -- north Texas. Parts of Arkansas in sleet and ice ABC's Wendy Gillette has been following the storm where -- had the biggest impact. She joins us now -- to C -- when he what's the latest. It out -- say it is too cold that ice skate. You know it is truly frigid but this winter storm that is affecting much of the country as bringing many more hazards than just cold weather. The icy treacherous conditions remain in the Dallas area where drivers had to adjust to a winter storm. That -- snow and ice on roadways after enjoying temperatures in the eighties earlier this week. This driver didn't fare well on the hazardous roads -- just -- go inside planes in the airline passengers were stranded at Dallas Fort Worth international airport following hundreds of cancellations. The weather is a shock for some. I'm from California though it's different thing -- I'm calling -- Never ever seen it before so in Fayetteville Arkansas plows tried to clear the roads -- vehicles were still slipping and sliding. Not exactly ideal conditions for a Mo -- In Fort Smith, Arkansas an inch and a quarter of pure ice has accumulated bringing down branches. Some forecasters predict this could be the worst ice storm in the US since January 2009. They're calling today -- Friday tens of thousands of award -- lost power. With a new storm brewing out west -- nineteen states are now under winter storm warnings and advisories from the southwest to the northeast. Temperatures have plummeted across the country setting record lows in ten western states. In some areas of Montana it felt like a bone chilling minus forty degrees earlier today. And that cold weather is moving into the northeast you're New York City it feels like about fifty degrees outside. But by tomorrow night the temperature is expected to death into the low thirty's get ready for -- seven. It's going to be chilly Wendy thank you so much for more now on the storm moving these there -- -- AccuWeather is -- where you know Bernie it's great to see a where's the storm headed next are following. -- heading to the north and northeast. The good news is Dallas. Oklahoma City the precipitation is over but you'll notice here we still have the blue. The snow across Illinois and southern Missouri and here's our ice right now from Little Rock right along interstate forty toward Memphis in the worst -- the icing as we go forward. Ended this evening is going to be across Arkansas and then in the Kentucky as well. The snow is starting to pile up also in the Ozarks of Arkansas where we Barkley picked up. Between six and ten inches of snow so. This is going to be a big problem even though the precipitation is ending. From west to east across Texas and Arkansas as we go through tonight because guess what's coming behind it even more cold. Now we're going to be looking at -- jurors Friday and Saturday night Friday night. Well below freezing and there may even be a little more ice later this weekend on Sunday across parts of Arkansas now the snow is also pushing to the north and northeast now. We're gonna continue to help bronze with -- right along the Ohio River but. As we start to get in the parts of Pennsylvania New York State it's less about the ice. And more about the snow and as I mentioned it's not only the Ozarks -- it's piling up but southern parts of Illinois Indiana will be party picked up over six inches of snow in the -- is going to continue in that area. And moved to the north and in the northeast so there are going to be location south of interstate seventy. Through Ohio and Indiana that will be picking up close to a foot of snow Pittsburgh. Later on tonight. A probably a half foot of snow although there will be some location just -- the north. And that the northwest that will pick up nearly a foot of snow slippery travel New York State and Pennsylvania later on tonight as the system moves on through. -- that wasn't bad enough would you believe. We have to worry about -- in California tonight storm system coming down across north west. Will bring some snow in the northern part of the Sacramento valley tonight even Fresno will have some snowflakes and also even in the upper deserts of Southern California. I mention this storm because that brings in more cold in the California Saturday and Sunday. And it's then this storm that rolls out into the plains states later this weekend that's why we're worried about ice in the Arkansas area on Sunday and then look out in the northeast Sunday in -- Monday. While we're not looking for any snow. Along I 95 with our storm tonight. This storm Sunday -- Monday will bring Philadelphia. Baltimore Washington may be the New York City their first significant snow of the season before change over to ice and rain. -- we can be looking at a skate rink all went down in the Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday. Up toward Richmond on Sunday and then everything pushes up into the northeast on Monday so winter starting early and while we have one storm moving away -- night. Another one is on the way DeVon while Bernie really some amazing stuff -- you've been following these for years we've heard him -- -- report this is one of the worst since 2009 how destructive. Has that I spent so far. Well I think as we move forward when we start to see the damage especially across Arkansas tomorrow morning. It's going to be significant and I think we're going to have a lot to power outages and as I mentioned. Behind the storm it's not gonna warm up it's can actually get colder so we're going to be looking at major problems in that area. Over the coming days record lows in many of these places to right. While not sure they're going to get to records in many locations because there's going to be lingering clouds but it certainly the kind of cold. That. At least in taxes it's even going to be cold and that we what we typically see in January so unfortunately for those without power. It will be below freezing -- that's going to be a problem. And before -- let you go Bernie obviously dumping a lot of snow in many parts -- in California as you say Christmas. Now just three weeks away given how cold it is that we look at at a pretty white Christmas for the state this here book. Well I can certainly tell you this up across the northern plains states where they've had a good help -- snowpack there's no doubt there's going to be a white Christmas but here's the thing. Behind this storm there's going to be another shot of cold coming in as we had in the next week and once you get the cold established. You increase the probability. For not only snow and ice so we're not done this month -- not done yet and may be a white Christmas don't store for -- parts of the country -- -- Bernie Grimm Bernie thank you very much. And you about the latest on the storm moving east where it's going what I had damage it's -- -- For now. A Devin Dwyer -- New York this has been an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21127953,"title":"Massive Ice Storm Moves East With Wintry Blast","duration":"3:00","description":"Sleet and frigid temperatures create dangerous conditions on roads from TX to MI.","url":"/US/video/massive-ice-storm-moves-east-wintry-blast-21127953","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}