A massive snowstorm to hit the Northeast

Heavy snow in the Detroit area is causing many accidents.
2:57 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for A massive snowstorm to hit the Northeast
In Houston this morning a huge section of the highway underwater after a massive water main break. It flooded both lanes of the highway swallowing cars causing a ton of traffic. Even flooding nearby homes rescue boats helped had to help pull some drivers' safety. And thankfully there were no reports of injuries but the entire city of Houston has been asked to boil water for the next 24 hours. Not a winter storm hitting the northeast heavy snow caused a rough commute in the Detroit area with a ton of accidents as you can see on the screen. But more is coming. There are either snow wind or blizzard alerts and fourteen different states some of the worst weather is expected in upstate New York. And that's where we find our Stephanie Ramos cover now from buffalo Stephanie. Yeah tonight a powerful. Blizzard writing what could be the biggest lake effect snow event of the season. Blinding winds creating white out conditions across the sea org it's crazy right now you have to be careful. Wind gusts above forty miles per hour turning the Great Lakes called Lake Ontario huge waves about twenty feet high are possible. Just look at the waves only hearing normally this kind of here's that all be ice but that advice is what's herbal charging that lake effect snow machine. Free CD yellows and some of these oranges that is snowfall rates about two to three to four inches per hour. Driving treacherous tractor trailers Jack ninety cars sliding off the road. Brigades of snowplows racing to clear interstate 81. And I and the wind is still howling here. Listen warnings continue through tomorrow afternoon there could be until four feet of snow an isolated areas but the time this finally ends. Diane. They warm Stephanie. And for more on how long this storm the last let's get over to rob Marciano with the national forecast. They Diana's you know the winds have been cold and rent it all day long in New York City they continue here. This evening and because of that win and that cold air. The lake effect snow is cranking am blowing sideways at times so. Blizzard warning you'll remain on through tomorrow afternoon in a world wind advisories but through tonight that's gonna make it field goal but. But the winds as such and those lakes as warm as they are can singled and mild winter we've had. That temperature differences was gonna crank the lake effect snow up to four feet I think especially east of Lake Ontario but. South of buffalo you'll probably see a couple of more feet quit at times. Blinding visibility is an of course the wind chills. Are going to be pretty bad. Winds gusting 3040 miles an hour through tomorrow morning. Feeling like temperatures in the single digits in Detroit Chicago's Syracuse. Into the teens and Boston and New York City. Saturday morning will the less wind but that's when the core the cold will be even lower. Here in the northeast. Stay warm Santo back to you.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Heavy snow in the Detroit area is causing many accidents. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69268076","title":"A massive snowstorm to hit the Northeast","url":"/US/video/massive-snowstorm-hit-northeast-69268076"}