Massive winter storm hits Virginia

Snow, ice and rain are sweeping across the U.S. from the Great Plains to the Northeast.
2:20 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Massive winter storm hits Virginia
Good morning every while we're gonna start things off with the weather a huge storm is now moving east basically threatening the entire I 95 corridor. And Stephanie Ramos is live in Charlottesville Virginia. With a very special ride Stephanie. He got and we are driving around her arms I don't we are in a snowplow truck. Here in Charlottesville Virginia driving went to Wayne in the spot jump and that's right from Virginia department transportation and this is it looks like pretty much this morning here in Charlottesville. Patent wintry mix and the roads. They're pretty manageable because of these have been out all morning right here. The roads but the snow that. Now this morning and Russell has turned into more of an icy mix Duane is Romney caused some assault here on the roads and Wayne. Age is a common mistake made by a lot of people in a storm like this. Well cars or board and make sure you have my nose. Tires ahead on. Second mistake we need. God know you have four wheel drive it does not make you invincible I've had people come army would forward drive. Through the forty years I've been doing this. Next thing they'd be in the ditch. As they felt like they were. The things you have to wheel drive goes through. Take time and you get there and make sure you keep a distance between cars running you. They train us you know you try he didn't. Far more U plus and horns sound when the guy behind you may be following. Really my area and even overnight we saw from dying he conditions. Sell many cities problem. Three cars. Any I don't think falling men's. Marmara mining common. I'm married so many things along that line 9:1 morning. No hard feelings win this means so I'm always Kansas. City this storm isn't over and I'm pretty good. Go get that inside look from you Stephanie thanks and good advice from doing slow and steady. When the race here people.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Snow, ice and rain are sweeping across the U.S. from the Great Plains to the Northeast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61191783","title":"Massive winter storm hits Virginia ","url":"/US/video/massive-winter-storm-hits-virginia-61191783"}