Slavery Homework Assignment

Parents outraged after homework assignment refers to slavery and beatings.
1:22 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Slavery Homework Assignment
Parents explain to him. Why did he was excellent because. The words there were used in the problem the problem appeared on a third graders math assignment -- Barnett was outraged when he read his son's homework. One problem said each street -- 56 oranges if -- slaves bake them equally then how much would each -- pike. Then there was another if Frederick got to beatings per day how many beatings city get in one week I'm having. Slavery passing -- Beatings an innocent man or. It's been better. Her dad Christopher Braxton have the same reaction it kind of blew me away Frederick if anyone got any -- you don't put that into the homework of any sorts. -- -- contacted the principal at either ridge elementary school in Norcross then they called us they wanted to know how these questions ended up on a child's hallmark. I brought that questions are good at school district officials and this one. The teachers were trying to get across -- -- -- Spokesperson Sloan roach says the third grade teachers were attempting across curriculums adding some social studies lessons into math problems. But the problem with these questions there's no historical context we understand -- there are concerns about these questions an -- and. We agree that these questions were not appropriate for women put together this paperwork and everything else the screws and everything shouldn't -- it this way.

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{"id":15312867,"title":"Slavery Homework Assignment","duration":"1:22","description":"Parents outraged after homework assignment refers to slavery and beatings.","url":"/US/video/math-homework-slavery-beatings-school-kids-parenting-15312867","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}