Will Mauries Hall testify at Derek Chauvin's trial?

The judge will make a decision later this week but the public defender said any testimony from Hall would be self-incriminating.
3:44 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Will Mauries Hall testify at Derek Chauvin's trial?
And clearly there's a lots impact in the testimony that we heard today but there's also something significant that happened before testimony even started the judge today heard arguments. As to whether Maurice hall he was the man in the passenger's seat that George play was in when police first approached him. Whether Maurice hall should have to testify in this case and he made clear this morning. Through his attorney that he does not want to take to stand in this case. Kenneth the judge seemed to want to split the baby a little bit here with the decision that he reached today. In order for them to hopefully reach a decision in the next few days. Right and we you'll find out later this week at the judge wall. Compel Maurice called to testify but it did appear in court this morning about before the jurors walk into that room. That's judge what's going to decide whether the public defender and Maurice Paul is saying that just about any. Portion of his testimony could be self incriminating. I'm he went down the list there and pass you know the prosecution he asked the defense yet the public defender exactly you know what part of the testimony. What jurors likely here are what they want them to hear. From the public defender none because he felt that her client would be exposed. And for the defense even though more is hall is listed as broad a witness for the prosecution and the defense. It appears Zion that the defense wants Maurice hall more because they mention his opening statement. Maurice hall as the passenger and that has to be where George Floyd and he can testify that he saw George Floyd take a couple of bills. Before officers walked up to that SUV. Dad George Ford fell asleep before officers walked up to that SUV and tell you the very. Critical character who can also talk about the alleged not passing about counterfeit bill and cub foods I'd just before the got deadly answer that. And so at this point Maurice hall we don't know if he will testify. Again he appeared by video conference in court this morning because he's being held on and on related case. At a local detention facility. And so I wanted to Robert detail on this Robert how important do you think it could be to either have this testimony on wrecker have. Maurice hall not testify at all. Well you know I wish I could see jurors are more to answer questions you can't. Seal. Trial counsel are getting out various unions who goes institute. Trial results certainly a lot of work out what the jurors near what. One thinks of the holes in her case. Let's be honest must use your arms won't conversation where. He was selling drugs are you selling drugs. Probably George Moore he's never asked aren't you done it is. Sir tickets there were doubt we'll do probably. Is creating appears to George Williamson. And now. We look. The evidence. And records. Dating back seven days. We're gonna see George forward Wally issues there is Wally away as is waiting to get better in gross usual. We're gonna see George Floyd talking and crying aren't really thereafter we heard the causation she did this. But we also are welcome to the drugs are. Bringing the source of the drugs in a trial. May help but our record against a zero sum game. The judge so far has said that he definitely won't be allowing questions about those the sale of the drugs drink and liked apple what he may allow. Is for Maurice polity questioned about George Floyd's demeanor and his state. Inside the car we're gonna wait and see welcomes back on that the defense has until Thursday to present their draft to be exact questions. So they can then analyze and go from their Robert de cello Kenneth known Terry Austin thank you all great conversation is always.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The judge will make a decision later this week but the public defender said any testimony from Hall would be self-incriminating.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76905782","title":"Will Mauries Hall testify at Derek Chauvin's trial?","url":"/US/video/mauries-hall-testify-derek-chauvins-trial-76905782"}