Calif. Juvenile Hall Break-In Tries to Free Teen

Max Wade being held on charges including allegedly stealing TV chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Calif. Juvenile Hall Break-In Tries to Free Teen
From sky seven HD the evidence of the attempted break in is clear a gaping hole in -- chain link fence and a busted window -- an area were a defense had been reached using mobile -- Sledgehammers apparently was used to try to force entry into the wall. We now know what was on the other side of that wall a cell holding high profile inmate -- -- Wade's awaiting trial on multiple charges including auto theft he's accused of stealing TV chef -- he Eddie's Lambert -- Authorities say whoever tried to spring -- didn't stand a chance. Some buildings were all constructed. In code that fits -- -- prisons and jails and juvenile -- so they have reinforced windows reinforced concrete so they're not easily accessible. And it was today or bust the sheriff's department says wade turned eighteen today and was scheduled for transfer to the adult facility. That transfer has since gone through it was around 4:30 this morning when employees and juvenile hall reported hearing a banging on an outside wall. They immediately move the young inmates to safety and called the sheriff's department. Officer searched the area for more than two hours they did not find whoever tried to break again. But they did find bolt cutters a sledge hammer and a backpack full of clothing. We believe the suspects left initially on foot. Do the remote location here in the valley -- probably got into -- car at some point.

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{"id":16981033,"title":"Calif. Juvenile Hall Break-In Tries to Free Teen","duration":"3:00","description":"Max Wade being held on charges including allegedly stealing TV chef Guy Fieri's Lamborghini.","url":"/US/video/max-wade-target-california-juvenile-hall-break-teen-16981033","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}