Occupy Protests: Oakland Mayor Calls for Peace

Community leaders step in after man is gunned down near Occupy Oakland site.
1:42 | 11/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy Protests: Oakland Mayor Calls for Peace
One day after young man was gunned down near the -- Oakland encampment mayor gene Klein joined with faith leaders to call for peace with the release of a doubt. She also repeated her plea and distributed fliers asking hundreds of campers to voluntarily leave -- -- -- plaza. It is. Another example -- why we need to peacefully closed being cat won't have to add at City Hall. We are asking everyone at the plaza. To leave. -- plaza we're going to give one. Another official notice today the man killed Thursday identified only as Alex was just steps from the tents in an area where several young man had been fighting earlier in the day. The Oakland police officers association says last night's murder was directly related to the camp. I don't see too many broad daylight murders downtown Oakland gave what is happens. In Oakland is that this this -- open history an environment that is conducive to crime does -- shooting have anything to do with the camp no it had nothing to do it can't. They were not occupiers. It happened in an area where kids come and hang out after school anyways. We know -- -- thing is getting more and more hand. We know that is on the groups that are taken advantage of what was happening in -- -- by Oakland. So I'm adamant Doug Steenland is what else is -- -- William -- Deadly Brooks -- another City Council member who thinks it's time for the mayor to stop asking and just -- It is totally disheartening. That that murders took place yesterday if we had -- that encampment I am not as a partnership -- York. That that would not have happened.

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{"id":14939800,"title":"Occupy Protests: Oakland Mayor Calls for Peace","duration":"1:42","description":"Community leaders step in after man is gunned down near Occupy Oakland site.","url":"/US/video/mayor-oakland-calls-peace-community-faith-leaders-step-in-occupy-site-violence-guns-us-14939800","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}