Meet the astronauts going to the International Space Station

The Crew Dragon spacecraft will carry NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the ISS.
3:47 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for Meet the astronauts going to the International Space Station
ABC's Jim Benitez is there than Kennedy Space Center in GO you got a chance to spend some time. With these two astronauts were about to make history I have a feeling they were cool as cucumbers right. And that's what's incredible Lindsey how calm these astronauts are when they're getting ready to take off and lift off. In that space ship you know what's also interesting as. A lot of people always say I'll learn a little bit about everything. These astronauts have to learn a lot about everything they have to become experts and just about everything you can think. So right here now a closer look. Bob and. When the engines like two veteran NASA astronauts will launch America into one new era of space exploration. Bob banking and Doug hurl he will captain Elon mosques SpaceX crew drank. Technically a test flight to the International Space Station but America's first commercial manned missions. It's probably a dream of every test pilot school student to have the opportunity to fly on a brand new space ship and I'm lucky enough to get that opportunity. With my good friend here Doug Hurley. Doug Hurley an upstate New York native is a former marine fighter pilot Bob bank in Bourne insane and Missouri and air force engineer. Between them forty years in the space program. Why lift off the final lift off of it Plavix Curley was on board the final space shuttle mission in 2011. The last flight before the program officially retired. I certainly didn't expect to fly again I certainly didn't necessarily have a plan to fly again five years ago when we were the four of us were selected you know I was asked that question if I wanted to fly again and if so. On a commercial vehicle and I thought that was probably. An exciting thing to do the right thing to do at that point and and and here we are. Bob bacon has more than 700 hours in space and six spacewalks under his belt create. And you. Point there are. Admission. The right stuff runs deep in both families they're better halves are also decorated NASA astronauts. Megan McArthur Mary to bald. And Karen Nyberg Mary to done all four in the NASA class of 2000. Two families tied together by one inner stellar connection. Our cameras have been in this development program ever for my years we've seen you know I'm launched stage. It's kind of come and go and burned near misses this is starting soon. Finally over Rio when the date comes that we want the guys I'm walking out to go to the launched. He then don't even more so. Start to hit hit hit home. Way at liftoff both Stanley's young sons will be watching from the launch path. This draw by Hurley sun. A reminder that space ships are as American as apple park. Something Doug Hurley knew back then on the atlantis' final walk those trans sonic for the final time. America today record that they are beautiful America cannot go to bed with Hepburn. Godspeed. All right Cuba needs his right there GO an incredible piece they're I am curious because you are the Kennedy Space Center. How far you from the actual rocket and what is the weather looking like because right now that's the big unknown. Yeah so we all are about three and a half miles from that launch pad right now. We're getting a little bit of rain here in there but it has to be exactly right. At 4:33 PM now the first critical moment is happening at 3:48 PM so that's just about twelve minutes from now sorry 22 minutes from now. And that is critical because that is when they decide whether or not they are gonna load the fuel so we will be watching that. Very close.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The Crew Dragon spacecraft will carry NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to the ISS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70912785","title":"Meet the astronauts going to the International Space Station","url":"/US/video/meet-astronauts-international-space-station-70912785"}