Meet the Man Behind Geno's Steaks

ABC News' Charli James tours the famous Philly eatery with owner, Geno.
15:12 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Meet the Man Behind Geno's Steaks
There are unfairly came here thinking like thinking emea and now look cities have a they're really famous for and here in Philadelphia it is the key. Day I'm outside and it is one of if not. Hot seat fake restaurant in. Philadelphia. Happening on the night of one of Philadelphia's most famous rivalry as well. Do you know this here and then literally right across the street is packed. Today quit in. I'll also considered that found the favorites. Very old movies like open when he heard that it. And they are extremely popular view that client. Out. And ever since I got here in the lines stretching around now. Everyone orders and eat out night here you know but we aren't going to go inside and you. It geno Vento and now the owner his father at one that actually. Start at the restaurant. And he's lying to show it may tell us what the secret. And we'll get a little taste of this. Philadelphia. Specialty. Though here the end grey hair yet seen out but Gina. I imagine an incredibly. All it found that. Ian Ian Wright and even free here. So it amounts. I'm I. Were added and to start off most places. I kind of encompasses nearly. Well first bullet tonight. And it sandwich I mean anywhere always the world SE CT Faggins billiard BC Philly which Jesus Christ exists because in. We started 1966. And that's coming up on. It appears in September and wrap it here here's the actual first here is he knows in 1966. There. And huge ball of famous people politicians and had a few people it's not by any air of the season at my. I Carson Daly here yet he was just here. Got started. Let's take a look at the people who aren't familiar with them. Zero at. What it's all about and there right and wrong ways to Orvella. In the out wins American public. She starting out. Police later played great I need. Cleveland at about 67 flight. But when she can get life. These days but that's what a happy go away and hopefully like onions as a win win. The room seal the deal. And then he had actually. Or Pepsi Coke version easily fever and also Arizona. Clean yet clearly hands down she's live despite the icon. I'll come in here we have a crews and peppers and lettuce and tomato whenever all the mono which is. They really true classic Philly Tuesday Andrea would win. About anything a lot of people and Harry. Peanuts in the month not not. Out would come on even gotten heat for ordering him. Play the famous. Yet he won its list in the right now that's sacrilege you know after splits its lives. Or maybe it's both her tiny men wind beneath its west and. There's been a lot of. I'm lately I'm very lucky I guess a lot of locals and a lot of stores where scores Stephanie. And decently unity get everybody along mostly from there's only residents flee in my expertise they came. Little then her car. Can't let. And it. Long live. Yet it's beginning. And I could see her and we need new burners and and and chief. It is famous. Is let everybody gets crazy work. Like yeah. Yeah yeah American and whimsy and REL. I. A couple of more about the story here it. And that started in 1966. And started six hours whose name and part 3000 dollars my grandfather. And turned it into a multimillion dollar business it seemed safe only with the ninth grade education. And so let's talk about the name because obviously in the active laser I think some places near me I was named after the place. Contact me gave him his agency's injures states and a leader. I'm not they had it G news hamburgers and Shiite you know and on wall in south Philly they had changes to definitely ointment. I twenty and be different and you know stand out from everybody else and legal genius so technically I'm named after a wall. Are you can't. At first I was little like what you name it every teases me this is an you know genus name opens up a lot of doors. Now when we were walking over here we thought he had. Yes it. You tell us a little bit more about how that rivalry aren't and it really been crying probably were actually friends anyone out here commitment heroes. Live in the same building. Off altogether here pat insert any move and me. Altogether. None is needed now. Everybody says that her immediate art. And need them you know that we don't get along and I think that we actually went up dinner last week and early in our good friend the growth. You know do for fun in here. You never let me make common who's going to be here. Yeah. Clarity table this narrow celebrities. And again enjoy their key states. You know their privacy area community we have themes that Mickey Rooney and Graham and me. You guys doing anything special for the fiftieth and a. You bring him back any new product and yeah we're gonna probably haven't been to church became Mountain View. Fiftieth logo anniversaries the epic combined state students he is really cool. Some different but. And we're having a block party were going to be having a lot of celebrities coming in via. And it's already getting back to you need some some celebrities taking pictures behind the drop to raise money and that would be journey through charities of Philadelphia. Customers and let her. Any kind of step by step through one of the damages through Monday night one yeah pretty sure. Island and he. I can tell me a thousand. Yeah I don't want to the last time. This year's team Jersey. And what we do is make your classic wins but I'm. Mr. Griffin Philly cheese steak. Yeah. Are you getting. Oh I wanted to talk you out of office ordering prime. Like here if you read reviews people talk a lot about how. Ordering a very important unit how you can immediately tell them on the local or not. If you're not going coming up this my first time lately we're going gas or hey this my first time you. Only what's that thing you lately with the means that you weren't nearly so people wins win. We have also American. Night you know Archie Steve aluminum is cleaned and is the lives with. You know there's people coming up and there's. He'll work with you. We come here down but he relates so we're definitely coming Whitewater what do just that. And really it's like Tom jones' tickets cheese and tomato and onion. It isn't that simple although there have been made. Not felt locker. None of it felt like picking. And he's a lot. In the press her do you think that it bluntly you get the line here. You think you are not lightly and very pack. He. Ordered it. She's American she is that. And then he didn't clearance time. But. Every month and sided eat here. And there are a lot of pictures of his half the damage left there and not clearing them life. It. It's very important blood. Get it right because there be blood where things get this guy out of Philadelphia market though one might come after him he can't. It clearly doesn't that pressure you come here just ultimately cheesy one. We'll take it from there and trust me you haven't experienced a great tasting cheese. Got everyone looks really happy. It definitely don't be scared yeah. But I wanna go and out of people about their experience here hopefully there's delegate here. Great yet. Oh and I'll I want to ask you. He's. Eaton key day. Not recently that Bill Clinton when he was running his presidency come here. But Hillary so far nine Hillary. He's so young that they its young kids see from yes she's come and affiliate news though. An invitation I'm mr. Urquhart a cup here and finally and I want and from that well I don't know how long it then we get our fact check it out pocket then. Had comedy night on Wednesday but at a Pennsylvania sleep they. In part thank you summit the only difference you know let guys. They stagnating in the live stream on they thought. And we are gonna go outside. The thank them unseat it and yes they don't let don't let the common area everyone's feet overnight here and had no problem and quit ordering. I'm gonna step outside of trying to talk with. He here in. Is the lunch rush though it. Very that the east. And Imus turned the camera around in this again lots of people sitting here. Enjoying that sticks out that it is very hot and that not pets. People Elaine and she knows it's been extremely busy this week because not only all the people in town but also. Plus the media wanting. And I'll show you the quarter. It is open 24000. Yeah let's go. At the let's talk with comments customers here and it's. This is you guys is first time hearing both of them say it isn't easy and there. Under the prevention burglar who got under the convention and where are you telling him they're working expect him. And you had to come from behind the key day yeah. That happy. The Atlanta I think it was a bright happy about all he got out I'll write a happy time I don't know I'm sure a lot of I. Did you get it here the experience than you think. I got it I'm not I don't live here began video and it. Pretty good look there's a lot of places. Like thirty something out. Let he. Yeah. And me as we get like ten Kenya placing this day. And we're working on it really giant. Our eyewitness slicker. And honestly. Yeah. Yeah they haven't taken a picture of the Hitler it have you got. Do you want claimed he had not seen. They're kinda hard to take nothing and I think differently. We have our back at night when percent. That's right stuff. I have cleanup. Behind pat I like. You guys got the classic filling your comparison Clinton today went way and I mean yeah yeah. Into the convention saying yeah. The few people in here where Allentown for the convention of arts and he knows that. England not here in Philadelphia. Thanks for joining need Charlie to end at least nine years things to teen out. Great story. Make sure that you come by in Philadelphia and we will see this hearing the next few months finishing up this election. If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and make it fair. In the end it's going to be hard at Pennsylvania without tasting the iconic. That's the thanks so much for joining us stick with ABC news across all platforms he got you covered with yet he thanks them.

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{"duration":"15:12","description":"ABC News' Charli James tours the famous Philly eatery with owner, Geno.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40895062","title":"Meet the Man Behind Geno's Steaks ","url":"/US/video/meet-man-genos-steaks-40895062"}