Mega Millions Jackpot Sold In NY

Winning ticket for $206 million was sold at a Long Island grocery store.
1:02 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Mega Millions Jackpot Sold In NY
This is a very lucky lottery machine in a very lucky grocery store. -- shocked and surprised happy belated. Lisa Courtney is the head bookkeeper at the middle island king Colin and this morning got the kind of visit people like her only -- -- A lottery represented brought amazing news that someone hear it -- -- soul winning Mega Millions ticket. Worth 206. Million dollars and -- as a place. It's great to being the good indeed it is just seven months ago workers at a Melville costs -- split 201 million dollar powerball payout. -- a year before that this couple from Miller place -- -- 165. Million bucks at the news has spread this morning regular players have flocked to the king -- to see if they know the winner. But so far he or she is yet to step forward Lisa -- be hoping. It's one of her regulars. -- with -- this summer -- really truly needs it and I'm sure whoever got the money is so excited and so happy and happy new year.

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{"id":15247939,"title":"Mega Millions Jackpot Sold In NY","duration":"1:02","description":"Winning ticket for $206 million was sold at a Long Island grocery store. ","url":"/US/video/mega-millions-jackpot-sold-in-ny-15247939","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}