Mega Millions and Powerball have combined jackpot of more than $1 billion

The Mega Millions and Powerball are now at more than $1 billion combined.
2:52 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for Mega Millions and Powerball have combined jackpot of more than $1 billion
Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot has now soared to its highest level ever six hundred's 67. Million dollars. Powerball meanwhile is up to 345. Million dollars in combined. That's more than a billion dollars up for grabs although your odds of winning astronomically. Slammed. Springs eternal for people out buying tickets this afternoon you know it just got to be in it to win it right Toni Yates is left Russia that would have been from. I'm Bennett I'm in all of those games. You know. If you play the lottery it really big it is just a simple all you have to do is you have to buy the ticket. Yet that you can't James alive and after that there's only one more thing to do. Way but but but but but. Yet well done dazzled. The power of positive thinking but millions more of us hopefuls. Giving away tickets yeah. Hi. Do you mean I think he's back I'll probably. It's still cooking up a jackpot has people all day long laying down the cash and the largest Mega Millions prize. I ever 667. Million dollars as of two out as a go. And growing. I line. They viable. You know I have to play couple more things I want. Jane Harman recently won three she's buying hurt Mega Millions ticket. Where many winners of one before a more than 250 million dollar prize came out of that leopard got news two's door. A couple of years back gene's got with a Mega Millions prize this time. Our brand new car house. You are. And wrote down my family and every that'll help you let them down and you'd stay in Jersey. I don't know about that I outline I love the sad but only at Johns witches don't come true when I do it you get to the fact. My time. And of course always these promises by crews get every single time we interview hopeful winners. I mean I can make it. Okay. We don't find it. Okay Dave bliss does not even talk about the fact that miss Carmen I got to ask my photographer Pete Ed Hanna. Today by his own never had a didn't touch it then. That being that good luck Aaron all of the way as a play coming up at 5 o'clock. Doesn't really mad at we are you play but got a break down. Where the lucky place not in the Tri-State area new York New Jersey Keller California Connecticut. We will let you know but now we are live yet rather the Teddy it's now seven Eyewitness News. Legally California if we win a no downplaying any car seat Carmen out their tail kudos this garment that very nice have heard offer I Tony thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The Mega Millions and Powerball are now at more than $1 billion combined.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58541323","title":"Mega Millions and Powerball have combined jackpot of more than $1 billion","url":"/US/video/mega-millions-powerball-combined-jackpot-billion-58541323"}