Mega Millions winner 'humbled' over $533M jackpot

Richard Wahl says he didn't "go and scream out" because some people in his family were sleeping.
5:23 | 04/13/18

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Transcript for Mega Millions winner 'humbled' over $533M jackpot
The story of high one slow amusing. I don't payment I don't play Mega Millions. Twice I played I played on Tuesday. Sitting with guy from work eating talking retirement saying hey you know we win we can retire go through all the wish list of stories all that stuff. He says he liked iPad fest sign every single day come into work and I don't ever buy saw Monday I decide it's not my ticket. And I looked on Tuesday. I didn't win next morning look hiding when my wife looked Emmett signaled. Why why you know. It's God's faith he's you make a decision today is planned what's gonna happen. So on Thursday I stopped in to the gas station to vcast decide to go and 120 dollars left my pockets the Obama going. I can take it's actually a point two dollars and went body Diet Coke. So. Got home Good Friday you know I'm checking the numbers 8 o'clock you know me I've never played before lottery from easily 730. I really draw 11 o'clock so I'm second 8 o'clock. Go back home decent stuff sit upstairs in my life rom midnight. Now she comes got both longest annual Ottawa downstairs checked my numbers if I win you're gonna hear if you screen. We're leaving on vacation we're gonna retire. So I put us there is a look at my numbers not first thing I look for is done all the mega number one the gold number I look for we find one of them down below. Read it across that set off one. There's no eleven them but I guess I'm not winner sort local hires here's an eleven and eleven. I see 28 and I'm excited I won't four dollars I'm delighted right now. You know I see the next number 31 you know like I'm right now listen to me a good day for me and I see the next number 46. And then I see 59 how Mike while. I wanna million dollars remember I looked earlier from the one IDC yet Michael one million dollars I can't believe that I was excited you know life changing money. I went over look at that one. I can tell you if they think and you know it was it was truly amazing. Bull arm so much family members or sleep inside eagle and scream out I walked upstairs. I tell my wife my seller said maybe. We get to go on vacation this wouldn't talk among community at. Mike not seriously you know we hit it. You know we won the lottery. So I shorter than numbers EO we look down probably fifteen times. So no more driving around and Saturday and when they announcer is one winner. And that was something else. So. For us we believe god has a plan. So for us the plan is to do a lot of the things with that. We work when our financial team. To make sure those things happen. It's not only like change might for me but I want you like change in my for others. Family friends. People in need so we're trying to do some good things that. Ideally the house all weekend uniting get a chance go to church and that was big for us to go to church on Sunday. For us it was you know we were going gold Easter egg cunning and Saturday morning decided not to go. On Sunday can go to church you know I just I didn't feel comfortable taking the ticket at a house signing the comfortable leaving it in the Holliston. Fire somebody come in be crazy take it I don't know that I sent like changing all we gave up our weekend and now. Actually buddy guy's probably seeing already com the day they were handing up the 30000 dollar tack. And I actually thought that the gas. And are. IDC the newest cameras so I told my wife in all I'd we're not from the Jersey alas we don't drive relied on you know I needed call money. So look at my Watergate the guy that arm pump my gas the last my money in my home when he had to going to get some money out hates him. So it's like not a let's go to Davos for the general there recognize you are trying to figure acquitted we don't want to see how much will be OK so when in Aaron. When I think I'll cameras and homeland. Is not going to be good. So I turned a lap and I asked the clerk who actually the one that's sold its in the aspects or date him and he gave me a double look like he knew me Michael peck. This is not him because they finally face that they can't behind that locked horizon. Nazi make cameras are not here and I took opera came right here. So with some use where they are probably home that you would as you would actually see me in there but we're just humbled by the fact of everything that's happened you know. Some might say it shot. We're appetite that's gonna run out and spend all my aunt had this great time and party adopt that that's not us we're humbled or humble family you know. We're keep our roots. Help out as much as we can and do some good things with an illegal apartment advisors help us where we need to go there we're acting as my mom actually called me arm before I want to tell her. And tell me I heard some in New Jersey won the lottery with the U. And I wasn't ready to share with her yet cycle are actually not mother how. I mean if you off those VIP jumped to jump proper joints all in all armed. I told her after the fact after we turned lottery ticket and we want to make sure everything was finalized and everything before and Wentz are tying a lot of people who want to. You'll bring an end here even when I brought in and turn to take it and builder it's the every day down public doesn't so that went. It's just all yeah yeah you want them thank god I wasn't I saw the shark.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Richard Wahl says he didn't \"go and scream out\" because some people in his family were sleeping.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54446992","title":"Mega Millions winner 'humbled' over $533M jackpot","url":"/US/video/mega-millions-winner-humbled-533m-jackpot-54446992"}