Melanie Melanson's Disappearance: New Search Planned

An anonymous tip is leading volunteer teams in Massachusetts to search for clues.
1:23 | 07/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Melanie Melanson's Disappearance: New Search Planned
This is about as personalize it can get her aunts and uncle refused to give up. We want closure 100 -- We want to find room for your home and get to the top of -- because she just. Melanie Walesa was fourteen last seen at a party -- these will Bretton Woods in 1989 police questioned some teens at the time no one ever charged. Today she would be 38 her relatives want someone to speak up. The search down -- his -- in their conscience and finally -- -- we didn't make -- -- if. Nationals past searches of mostly left the family with a trail of tears this Saturday volunteers will -- -- specific area the -- car. It is possible -- died in Woburn and was moved to the -- woods this time there was a tip. That -- had critical information credible information. That the parties that were involved with this case partied in these -- specially trained dogs and handlers from three states will look for any Trace. The reservation -- -- -- 500 acres in size we've narrowed it soon. The very North End here it's like -- twenty trees -- Again until we find now that's -- families. As much as a family wants to finder remains and that is not the end. Investigators want to know exactly what happened and who is responsible. In -- I'm Pam Cross.

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{"id":16870378,"title":"Melanie Melanson's Disappearance: New Search Planned","duration":"1:23","description":"An anonymous tip is leading volunteer teams in Massachusetts to search for clues.","url":"/US/video/melanie-melansons-disappearance-new-search-planned-16870378","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}