Men's Slopestyle Skiing Sweep

Team U.S.A. grabs gold, silver and bronze medals in Sochi Olympics.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Men's Slopestyle Skiing Sweep
Everyone of them have learned the -- where this ABC news that a special report ABC news at the Winter Olympics as -- a powerful winter storm is hitting the eastern United States. Here's a picture of the snow blanketing Times Square but put that next to this picture war ball -- Pat is the -- at the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia -- by the Black Sea. But not far away for their team USA winning all the medals in men's ski slopes not a Sochi games now in sixty seconds. ABC's Amy -- -- joining us now from -- with all the big headlines and -- a big -- for the men on the slopes last night. It was fantastic and -- USA is really gaining ground on the medal count and we can think three men weren't thanks to the men's skiing team we have just Christians -- Who was by the way the last man selected for teen USA and he has become one of the most dominant skiers we certainly saw that last night. Christians and winning the gold medal in slopes competition. Followed by teammates -- -- where they took the silver. And then there was nick -- who snagged the bronze. Obviously a fantastic celebratory night for teen USA it -- -- -- extreme park and -- -- historic as well this is the third time in history that the US team has swept the podium. In a winter game also. Want to talk about golden girl came in Barrington. She says it took a week for a distinct entity in May aid the US team she thought the gold medal would go to her teammates but you know what that is not the way. It turned out last night after what she says. Was the best writer for life I think that's something. Worth saying she would have been happy was sober she says she would've been happy even with Rodman's. But a cal girl from Idaho considered the dark horse won the gold medal in snowboarding half -- team USA's Kelly Clark won the bronze. And that is something to sell. He's got a lot of -- -- a lot of celebrations as well. Also -- -- and the -- -- really going crazy over there for team Russia in the pairs free skate. That's right they are going crazy this gators electrified the crowd hears so overcome with emotion that the Russians won the gold Russia's second gold medal of the games since we should mention that -- scores so -- A world record was set in the short program and -- gave their opponents. Pretty much zero chance to win -- also took silver and then stole the show itself. Germany won the bronze but -- it's Russia Russia Russia that's all anyone's talking about in terms of the skating. Hometown crowd in before -- just wanted to get a little bit of an update here what's happening in New York we've got about six inches of snow on the ground here. I know that your very sad about that what is the weather like in -- there because -- -- follow you on FaceBook and Twitter. -- relaxing with an ice cooled beverage a tank top and sunglasses over there -- It's true Josh Elliott was making fun of me on Good Morning America for wearing asbestos like why are you wearing a vessels that doesn't want to feel -- the winner Olympics and look like. The Winter Olympics you know what -- it it doesn't it isn't it -- cut eighty degrees. In here because guess what no one thought to -- air conditioning units inside of our studio here on top of the building. At the Winter Olympics it turns out that actually have a nice we have three -- set -- we've improved our situation here but it is 61 degrees. Out there right now when you're standing under the sign. Had it feels incredible not to rub -- -- -- anything but I've been looking at the pictures from New York. And just. And -- we see an ice sculpture. That was dedicated one of the athletes in Illinois and I made a joke because. Thank god that ice sculpture is an Illinois -- that was here it -- last two hours. I I can't possibly imagine tank top or down -- you look great regardless we are certainly appreciate your time obviously keeping very cool -- Over its OG ABC's Amy relegate banks. And we just have this in Russia's innovate -- beg date the Shiancoe has withdrawn from the men's figure skating competition apparently. Clutching his back as he was leaving -- skating -- huge disappointment. Two Russian fans -- of their -- I was hometown crowd to the medal count now day six Norway holding the most with thirteen medals four gold. Teen USA on the move -- taking second with twelve medals four gold. Canada Netherlands they -- with ten medals each with four gold and Russia taking the fifth spot with bill's two goals in the medal count though you take a look at their Germany. With the lead with six medals. But waiting USA Canada the Netherlands following each with four now before we get to today's big events developments -- out of -- and nasty accident on the -- Before the bobsled training runs again today -- track worker hit. By a four running -- this is the -- -- used to check the track conditions. To make sure the ice is safe for racing. The man -- track -- -- -- the hospital suffered broken legs in surgery now. But the Chicago Tribune's Stacy saint -- was there to witness that photo that is going now live on the web page and on the phone is Stacey Stacey what happened. -- Well -- -- -- Arrived. And directory I record ergonomic act. -- -- -- -- -- Q -- a mad about it wait time. And it's the third -- kid and -- -- opened the air several. It did to the workers know -- before running sled -- this incredible whistle as a medical warning that goes off when they're -- Arabia that four run test. It before they're warning and -- don't you organizing that there aren't there was no warning this isn't there either try to determine -- -- -- -- And that of course this is the aftermath of that as that workers be taken up on a stretcher. Explain that this this for a -- -- that is their driver inside as the entire team there. The best people and -- Latin. And it like what you get it could -- it the condition that they. Put that group down for the training. An important role and they predict act. Makers -- -- -- it that morning. What about the team themselves that were inside that -- any injuries that we -- of. Good they were injured. -- that video like continued. How that goes -- let's get a -- The rhetoric by the time. But -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- Of course we'll wait to see. The latest on that as that track worker is -- -- the house -- Chicago's Europeans they declare joining us from Sochi -- thank you for that. But now to so she's extreme part Geoff Hobson of Yahoo! Sports journalism as well -- deputy AG a big boost the American medal -- talk about teen USA sweep. An immense -- style scheme. It was -- -- just Christian send a guy who. Barely made the American team as a discretionary pick I get to gold medal I've got -- -- -- -- news. Becoming famous here for trying to rescue some of -- stray dogs get silver medal -- -- get -- who was. Really the favorite coming in probably the best -- -- here in the world settles from -- Right there that three medal with three more metal. For the American team. Which -- came an event that it's not even exist for years ago. Nine which I believe. Have covered event that didn't exist before this millennium -- the United States is taking. True to get advantage of a lot of the sport that -- that. Not too -- it down at the podium for what could plea competition that. This is not the first time that's happened -- correct. The third time that it happened. At least there was figure skating back in the nineteen -- that think 66 perhaps than. That I think in the 2004. Games I believe -- 2002 games rather believe the US. Swept the podium where it men's snowboarding half pipe so. Took three times been with actions -- -- you know we could see it again come demands capped by skiing. Not -- -- -- not a bad way to spend the day so yesterday we -- a little bit about the -- half pipe those are Caitlin ferreting Hewitt surprise gold medals we heard from Amy is wet and you were there. Yet it was it was -- pretty great scene you know -- ferried to and much like just person than. Made the team at the end and really didn't know that she was going to be going Sochi she. You know she has little different story that -- grew up on -- ranch in Idaho and her parents said. Sell their head of cattle paper to go to competitions all around country and well we hope -- now that a gold medal -- you doubt read previous Olympic champions do so. Wow and amazing because I've just reading -- that it was just a month to punish anyone qualified to play in the games. Yeah share mean she wasn't there and they were it was a surprise better fabricate blog because it was so last minute but. She's been out -- several -- what a Grand Prairie and very smooth very. Stylish and that sort of thing that's -- in competition here searching. A lot of big smile others are back in the hometown and Idaho the whole state I'm sure as well big celebration going on there. Jeff -- Yahoo! sports' Jeff thanks so much appreciate it. Of course complete coverage right here. The winter games in Sochi on For now I'm down Cutler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. ABC news at the games.

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