Meteorologist Gets 'Cyborg Unicorn' Thanks

Fourth-grader sends Texas weatherman colorful letter of thanks for class visit.
0:36 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meteorologist Gets 'Cyborg Unicorn' Thanks
Here's a question for you what's more awesome -- a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon. Writing -- cyborg. Unicorn the answer this man he's Albert -- month. A morning weatherman in Austin, Texas after he spoke to a fourth grade class -- -- the students sent him on this think you. After the mention of a bacon -- there's talk of the site board unicorn having a light -- for its horn and a space shuttle closing in on Mars while engulf in flames. And weatherman -- -- -- -- online word is already being viewed more than 350000. Times.

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{"id":15939258,"title":"Meteorologist Gets 'Cyborg Unicorn' Thanks","duration":"0:36","description":"Fourth-grader sends Texas weatherman colorful letter of thanks for class visit.","url":"/US/video/meteorologist-cyborg-unicorn-thank-you-letter-15939258","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}