‘Michael Brown’s Blood Is Crying From the Ground’: Uncle

The slain teen is eulogized by his great-uncle Pastor Charles Ewing.
10:05 | 08/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Michael Brown’s Blood Is Crying From the Ground’: Uncle
Yeah yeah -- Your weight room and bless the -- yeah. -- In the name of Jesus. Orders outstanding -- -- you people. But you -- -- partner and I -- the play. Speaking to these groups have played a deal. Why no within my heart he had given me a word to share with my family. To this city and to this nation. And to the world. -- father god we glorify you let -- class -- glorified video site. We give you all the glory beyond and the praise in Jesus name we pray. We don't need. Never -- political rise. We don't need another conqueror from the C. But we need a special word. We'll bird and I hearts to give us that she -- We. -- -- -- -- -- -- Given out of all that is here at all of the businesses it to Marbury family and I'm going to be -- I'm not gonna be long went. Like god has given me -- word as such time as this yes Michael Brown out west -- net. We call him the gentle giant. We call him big Mike we caught him Mike. The new that is -- I couldn't get there right away. When I went to process that's how I walk down to this -- that area where he laid. Notice the police department. Head washed away some of the -- But that was yeah. Some residue that -- -- in that spot. Inches being outlawed and -- holy spirit. Talk to me so plainly the accounts of the everything -- account of the testimony that might -- -- -- wrecked. At his -- and lied to the lord Jesus Christ. And. -- His stepmother. Captain error and prop that word that he proclaim he's one. The whole world would know Monday. He auction block practically. -- punish coupon. Taught me to -- please -- -- That night and -- camera. And half of the account -- came at a first of all Michael Brown was the first going to let me Max and Mike Brown -- -- -- -- -- That marvelous. You get that picture -- The hardest can't begin to speak to make us army Michael's blood -- residue that was coming from the ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight and -- -- burgers. -- thought that Dick Cain. Where is a. I broke out any (%expletive) I know not -- hi my Brothers keep. And he's day what has vowed to. Our bodies. -- -- -- it done to me from the dorm. This. I. Look at this -- -- And she -- it means. He taught me to the definition of the city of purpose. Notice your purpose -- me. Eight part. Ask -- it means that part. It means eight point. The beginnings. Just like to see if Ferguson me. If so ironic. That it happened at that part. It had placed him at such -- time. Michael Brown was eighteen years no. He was -- Around -- -- artists say yeah. Kong and across. Not active prayer cop timeframe. 12 o'clock -- -- did you wait time frame which hit exactly six out. Michael Brown. Aren't all that night. She -- Hong long applause. But -- this. If you look at the demographics. Saint Louis Missouri. We -- not known by the gateway to witness the -- We can't live look at the twelve. Gates should Israel. He's made it -- the Panama Peru is shaped like that Owens. He also took me -- did not -- in -- -- seven. All lanes that in -- seventy -- 2001. It. 83 miles. From -- and all the way until you all. Jesus -- seventy out. Israel. Went -- -- captivity. -- seventy. Game if it -- and if passed it seven times. It makes its patent fourteen. It -- just -- it. -- -- -- Last bit that paying. Top be positive backed up. What not acceptable. Because god is -- quiet people we cannot do we. That back applied if it. People on. In my -- let -- keep. This requested. We should ask one another. God purpose but this to happen even though we can't fully understand. But -- -- -- time let's finish. God. Is -- this next. Michael Brown truck that actually. Spoke -- -- -- Not giving justification. In the -- this officer. Give him the right to take -- god. -- have to -- -- when he hate each great seasons plus. He yet campus opera that consequent. Apply in May. But yeah spent. Don't want that. Plus black gauntlet plan. -- -- -- About Iraq. Because. That -- yeah. He had. -- -- -- -- They may well Lou I'll -- give vision. People that god. In the name it. We must -- in my death. And look at cost. The -- MI my Brothers keep. And -- -- the land where I don't believe -- -- bombs sent directly is having second chronicles seven and fourteen. Chart the harvest is -- planning. Who want. I. Don't think that. I'm -- yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":25120872,"title":"‘Michael Brown’s Blood Is Crying From the Ground’: Uncle","duration":"10:05","description":"The slain teen is eulogized by his great-uncle Pastor Charles Ewing.","url":"/US/video/michael-brown-funeral-slain-teens-blood-crying-ground-25120872","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}