Michael Jace Charged with Murder

The "Shield" actor, accused of killing his wife, is being held on $1 million bail.
7:38 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for Michael Jace Charged with Murder
This is a special group. He played a police officer on the hit show the shield but in real life today. Actor Michael -- is answering to police officers after the shooting death of his wife in their Los Angeles home. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York that real life drama unfolding in -- late today the actor is in custody. Let's go live now to our affiliate KABCTV's. Melissa McBride in Los Angeles Melissa. Michelle Michael -- is being held on one million dollars bail he is charged with murder police say at this point the motive appears to be domestic violence but officers. Had never before been called to this home until last night. We do know according to court records that he had filed for bankruptcy. And that was about three years ago but please tell me it's unknown if any financial trouble was a factor in this deadly shooting. -- -- an animal -- and I Will Blackmon and we expect to. 51 year old Michael chase has played the part of a police officer on TV but now he's experienced -- real life crime. From the perspective of a murder suspect the actor was placed in handcuffs last night after he allegedly killed his wife April. April had come home with both boys from baseball practice and doesn't appear that they were home for Morton -- 1015 minutes. When the shooting occurred next door neighbor Shirley Harding was outside. Washing her car when she heard the gunshots. And -- this giant elf at the time. And then I heard -- -- Powell -- I think what event that I heard Powell Powell -- -- -- -- -- -- don't Clark ran in the house police say the couple's two young sons were not hurt. There are now in the care of their grandparents. We never expect this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neighbor -- Lewis says she never sensed there is any trouble next door. She says people in the boys would keep her company they would be -- cupcakes and bring the cupcakes and they would. I'll -- -- she would come over and sit and talk with Nissan plant neighbor Brandon -- says he interacted more with Michael because their kids -- sports. -- I would never expect anything like that from him very quiet very nice very nice. Good neighbor. Never heard any arguments from some neighbors say they didn't know chase was an actor on the shield. Or had appeared in feature films including Forrest Gump and planet of the apes. They just knew them as the happy couple next door -- lot of happiness over the -- football. That's -- -- stunned. Neighbors say that Michael and April were married about nine years they would often see them going out for walks -- their dog. They would see them outside with your children so to hear all of this happening in their neighborhood to wake up and -- police. Cars and -- yellow crime scene tape has definitely stunned everybody here. Michelle Melissa we know that the story is developing what can you tell us about. April where she worked and what we're hearing from people who knew her. We're learning a little bit more about her Reno that she worked in the financial aid office at -- university -- -- -- erotic California and according to what some of her coworkers have told us this morning and I quote. They say that she had a radiant personality. And that she brought. Great energy into the financial aid office they say that she had a great work ethic and also that. She loved her coworkers and they say that she is going to be missed. File the sales Melissa. Now we want to bring in ABC news correspondent and legal analysts Ryan Smith also watching this case for us today. Ryan give us an idea JC is being held on one million dollars bail that may not be a -- in terms of Hollywood money he is famous actor but will he be able to post that bail and be out soon. That's a good question he is reportedly. Suffering some issues with the bankruptcy filing recently and that's part of this story -- doesn't have enough money. The post bond he's gonna end of staying in jail until things move forward. Now we do expect an arraignment happened fairly soon and at that arraignment charges are read typically and then at the same time he might enter a guilty or not guilty pleas most likely gonna say not guilty at this point but for the time being it looks like there's no word of him posting bonds so. Whether he can do it remains to be seen. And this could end up being a high profile case do we know if any. High profile celebrity attorneys are trying to reach out to mr. -- not quite yet but I wouldn't be surprised if some did because as you mention. High profile celebrity case will get a lot of attention and usually that attracts a lot of lawyers who are looking to make a name for themselves. By exonerating him hopefully if they work for his defense side so what's going to be interesting here is reports right now -- that. He might have talked to police confessed to police that he shot his wife but did he murder her. That's where defense attorneys are going to try to really focus this case if they take on this case and I think. For some of the higher profile attorneys they want to celebrity case where they can try their case in front of a lot of people get a lot of attention. If there's an acquittal well we heard from neighbors in the piece just earlier about how shocked they wore what else do we know about -- His past has there been any other. Indications that he's had any problems with police -- the stunning thing here is typically when you see -- domestic violence type situation -- police are. Seem to be talking about the moment. You'll see a pattern in the past few police are saying they were never called to the home for domestic violence. And he doesn't seem to have a criminal background so at this point it's a bit of a mystery how things went from zero to sixty if you will. And this type of situation could happen. But that's gonna mean investigators have -- work cut out -- where there are other things that happened in the relationship that weren't necessarily reported to police. But contribute to some sort of angst that might have gone on that led to this kind of killing that's going to be something. Police are gonna have to dig through in the next. Few days months or maybe even years they put this case together and you mentioned that an arraignment is the next step whether he. Is able to post -- are not where does this case go from here. Well it looks like that arraignment what happened of course in the in the county that he is where where is residing in. And that at that goes forward let's say he pleads not guilty we start moving toward the hearing phases start thinking about scheduling a trial. And then that one of the situations that might come to light year is. Will he be offered some sort of deal if in fact he has confessed to police we're told them something. And will there be that kind of offer there's an interesting fact here the children both under age ten -- in the home. So one question becomes what did they see and what did they hear now he has told things to police that amount -- some sort of confession. Will there be a feeling on his side of wanting to confess and maybe wanting to seek a plea deal to not put the children through a trial. And being questioned by investigators about what they saw because that's dramatic in and of itself. So what we have to learn over the next couple days and months even. Is to try to figure out what happened inside that home and what he told police because that could affect what happens in this particular case. It's ABC news correspondent legal analyst Ryan Smith thank you so much for joining us on the story. And again -- we don't know if he'll be able to post mail that arraignment will be coming up. And you can keep abreast of the situation and the story by downloading the ABC news -- story in this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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{"id":23799139,"title":"Michael Jace Charged with Murder","duration":"7:38","description":"The \"Shield\" actor, accused of killing his wife, is being held on $1 million bail.","url":"/US/video/michael-jace-charged-murder-23799139","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}