Michael Jackson's Doctor Guilty

Jurors find Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
6:56 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Doctor Guilty
And -- good afternoon to you I'm Diane Sawyer of ABC news headquarters in new York and we're interrupting your programming as you heard. Awaiting the verdict in the Michael Jackson involuntary manslaughter case against Doctor Conrad Murray. The judge is already in the room judge Michael pastor has admonished the -- knocked me act. To the verdict that they hear from the jurors when they're coming in. And you're seeing a live picture right now of the judge. Talking to the room he will be calling him the jurors in just a moment but to give you sense he didn't have -- We want you to know that Michael Jackson's family members at their Don doctor Conrad Murray's mother is there. And LaToya Johnson had Jackson has already tweeted that she was shaking uncontrollably. When she walked in that room. So there we are looking at the judge let us listen to what happens now. Court has reviewed the verdict form. And at least in German there was a typo in terms of the date of the alleged incident it was written June ninth 2009. In debt. Juror number three -- but corrected that to June 2050 put it to -- and you put some -- after that I thank -- I've reviewed the verdict form which now passed an expense in the court clerk mrs. -- well. Published over. Superior Court of California at Los Angeles county. The people of this state of California ranked vs. Conrad Robert Murray defense. Case number F -- 0731. -- for. Title according com. We the jury in the above -- -- action. Find the deep -- it Conrad Robert Murray guilty. The class. Involuntary manslaughter. And salvation -- section 192. Fiction -- and they expect them. Michael Joseph Jackson. An -- date of June 20 fair 2009. Acts charged in count one of the information. This seven day of November 2000 need to -- for -- you're unlucky number one for five feet number three. If this your verdict -- this year individual. And personal verdict filthy -- -- think you'll. -- ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to ask you. Whether this is your individual and personal verdict I'm going to be asking you individually if this is correct if it is your individual personal verdict. Say so the judge is getting ready to pull the jurors that there we have heard it -- is guilty of involuntary manslaughter -- were told that was LaToya. Jackson that we -- screaming shouting out as the verdict was read I want to bring in Dan Abrams our legal analyst right now. You heard the verdict it is guilty what does this mean in terms of the future and outcome America. Well -- he could face up to four years in prison. But I don't think anyone expects its or anything like that in terms were sent to -- up to could be -- yeah I mean look if this were not a high profile case I would -- he might get something like ninety gates. But because of the profile of this case. I think that you're talking about something more like six months to a year. Eight and a half hours of deliberation does that surprised it came so quickly short deliberation remember the prosecutors presented an enormous amount of evidence about how. Badly Doctor -- behaved here. Even the defense -- -- -- was conceding he did things he shouldn't have done he should have done things that he didn't do it said Iraq. But the the problem was -- if prosecutors can they necessarily prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was doctor -- who caused the death. And these jurors say yes me it seems these jurors did not believe -- there was doubt as to whether Michael Jackson could have injected himself of that -- I wanna -- did you not a -- he is outside the courthouse and Jim you've been covering the story from day one you heard the reaction of the crowd at this verdict but was it. -- you said the play was screaming inside and outside there was in fact that you. There are at least two. -- since Jim of these juror. Smooth talked a little bit about them and they came from all walks of life we know but. -- -- support -- of them in this moment they have decided to find him guilty. While this -- a jury that was seven men and five women there was only one African American. Submitted his. At the beginning they do come from all walks of life. Familiar to people in Los Angeles a TV director -- actor. Animator cartoon animator but a postal worker is well. During the trial they seemed very attentive they were taking notes at all times. They were -- -- that they were getting a little anxious at the end that it took so long. When they were long breaks they would roll their eyes tell the judge and back. Mouth words like really want to get this over. So and they only talk about nine hours of deliberation to come to this verdict so they were business -- and they came right back with a verdict pretty quickly. We're told that -- several members of the Jackson family were weakening. Inside the courtroom but I -- did not -- a flicker of an expression. On Conrad Murray's face did you dance. No and that he's been pretty stone face throughout this case -- he knows that there's a camera there he knows that every single. Facial reaction that he makes will be discussed and analyzed. And I think he's been very careful to try not to react even to the most status although he has looked -- in time he's broken down in the courtroom. But but in the presence of the jury he has really tried it seems as hard as possible to remain historic. He loses his medical license if this conviction stands will he appeal I'm sure he'll appeal and they'll appeal and a number of issues one of them will be that the jury wasn't sequestered. The defense team will say how could you sequester the jury. In a case of this profile out even during the deliberations you -- sequestered injury. -- -- -- the number of rulings by the judge that evidence that was admitted it wasn't admitted -- you can expect him he. So there you have -- two years four months thirteen days. After Michael Jackson died. We have a verdict and it is involuntary. Manslaughter by his doctor Doctor Conrad Murray and on behalf of -- mama. And Dan Abrams we thank you for being with us for the special report.

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{"id":14899814,"title":"Michael Jackson's Doctor Guilty","duration":"6:56","description":"Jurors find Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter.","url":"/US/video/michael-jacksons-doctor-conrad-murray-guilty-14899814","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}