Michigan couple wins $80M in Powerball drawing

The couple plans to share the money with their seven children and 21 grandchildren.
0:51 | 10/24/19

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Transcript for Michigan couple wins $80M in Powerball drawing
And dined chip a lot wine eighty million dollars in a cent average neighbors powerball drawing. They picked up the big check yesterday joined by sell some of their saddening children and 21 grandchildren. The couple is still working believing her. Mr. chippewa there's says its boss asking every day why are you here. He tells them he was hired to do a job and he's not going to banning anyone just because the Y but I will tell you. The moment there's a dispute or something happens or so what that's something coming back. Not any air. Congratulations to that couple and they say among the things they wanna do with. Was that what 43 million dollars they're taking home yet. Out of that mold jackpot in one of buying new homes for all send in of their children also all seven and the grandkids. The 21 bit young immigrant children look at they'll have one million dollars left.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"The couple plans to share the money with their seven children and 21 grandchildren.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66503353","title":"Michigan couple wins $80M in Powerball drawing","url":"/US/video/michigan-couple-wins-80m-powerball-drawing-66503353"}