Military Chopper Crash Near Florida

Eleven service members presumed dead after a helicopter crashed during a training exercise.
5:39 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for Military Chopper Crash Near Florida
Seven Marines for soldiers. Presumed dead this morning. After going missing when a Blackhawk helicopter crashed of the coast of Florida. According to military officials the soldiers were engaged in a night training exercise near Eglin Air Force Base. In Florida or what I'm Dan Butler in New York that helicopter was reported missing at 830 last night. And now debris from that crash was frowned around 2 this morning. First couple of moments ago the newly confirmed secretary of defense ash Carter and chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey commented on this crash hearing. In front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I'm sure year old we're that he UH sixty Blackhawk helicopter. I was involved in an accident last night near Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. We know there were four aircrew. Army from a National Guard unit in Hammond Louisiana. And seven Marines. Assigned to Camp Lejeune North Carolina. On board that helicopter. And are note. That with me our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as the search and rescue continues. Today women begin by adding my personal thoughts and prayers to those of the secretary defense. At the loss of the the folks on that helicopter a reminder. To us that those who serve. And put themselves at risk both in training and combat. And we will work with to servicers to ensure those survivors. Or I should say their family members will be well cared for. And affected the committee will join hands thank you sir thank you. My go to Laura policy reporter for ABC affiliate of the Yale are in Pensacola Florida. Joining us now from Navarre Florida Laura. What do we know at this point what happened. Bless you mentioned they were on a training exercise the Eglin Air Force Base a range is a vast area. Land and water ranges this particular helicopter was doing and nighttime training exercise. At cite a seventeen which is this site. On a strip of water in between that inner coastal waterway in the Gulf of Mexico. What you're seeing behind me now it's I think a lot of fog is the road that's very near to that played there as a large cordoned off area. Which we get access right now because of the military search operation. In terms of what happened that the question that could take days or even months to answer specifically after the nature of the crash. We know they went down we know they're looking hard and a spokesperson for Eglin Air Force Base has told us they have recovered some bodies. There they are still classifying this as a search and rescue operation. Sosa sums to the rains have some remains have been found there. You've pointed out and we can see right there in the picture that that is correct that there is that there's fog in the background there is that leaves some of the investigation to two. A possible cause. What we've been told this morning at the Pentagon has confirmed that Bob was a factor in the crash. It is certainly a factor in the search and rescue and recovery efforts it's slowing down the works tremendously. Things are going on here in the local area such as voters are being asked to stay clear. They've had people in kayaks out there probably thinking they were trying to help. But the rescue boats can't even see them though the body again confirmed as some type of factor in the crash and certainly a factor in the recovery effort. What about this particular Teva training exercises are routine this is that you set a nighttime operation. It's a very routine especially in this area there are a lot of special operations forces. This particular unit as you may have mentioned earlier. The helicopter was on my ads are united Hammond Louisiana that Marines on board that aircraft where Kathleen Sheehan. It's not uncommon for the Atlanta range to be used by other units were training. And indeed at this guy makes a lot of noise at night around here nighttime training very common. And this particular location in Florida they're right near the base their that this speech is also abusive. Commonly used for these kinds of operations. Yet the particular test site is seventeen near which the crash happened is. And military be felt if you were driving down the beach road here you would see some public beaches most of the beaches public. But there are large stretches of what would appear to be from the distance just pristine untouched me beach. And as part of the military range those areas are reserved for military. Training and testing operations. And always know a lot of what goes on out there and we don't have a lot of back. Do we know if any of these eleven. Soldiers have they been identified. Nan Nan names have been released then and you're familiar I'm sure what they'll hold weight about the timeline. Something like that purse they have to get through this recovery effort. Then have to notify the families and with any military incident like this the first priority is going to be. Treating us families with respect and getting them everything they need. Once that's done in the name to be released to the rats. WEA ours Laura house at lord thank you for that we appreciate. You can keep up with the sort of real time by downloading the ABC news out and starting this story for exclusive updates on ago. I'm Dan Cutler and New York.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Eleven service members presumed dead after a helicopter crashed during a training exercise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29553497","title":"Military Chopper Crash Near Florida","url":"/US/video/military-chopper-crash-florida-29553497"}