Military Dog Honored at Memorial Service

Lucky succumbed to cancer after serving five tours of duty.
1:30 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Military Dog Honored at Memorial Service
52 -- overseas trapped bombs and bad guys nothing could stop lucky good health -- -- In the focused dedicated. But -- -- -- didn't walk on two feet like he won ninety. Can get lucky -- his pox. The let it was a military working dog is signed at Fairchild air force think he's a legend known for being fierce lovable easier for this -- than his tongue and always and to bring smiles anyone in the line of duty -- was -- -- in Iraq and Afghanistan. He located suspected here it's ninety magnetic detonators findings that saved countless lives. And he -- he was and our best attack dogs. China is he would protect until the end lucky earned his -- Survived two bouts of cancer and a roadside IED here if you let that cancer -- known that you -- -- -- 113 but his third round of cancer was the only battle he lost. And today Lackey was honored for his service. And remembered as a wing man's best friend and companion. You know he's gonna take care of you -- and watch -- back -- or the front right watches that. With his ashes pop -- -- picture on the stage the spirit of lucky was -- and -- the room what you through the humid between in this nation well. He will be sorely missed. Lucky was fun energetic and lively but in the field he'll always be remembered as a brave soldier -- -- so loyal.

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{"id":15305529,"title":"Military Dog Honored at Memorial Service","duration":"1:30","description":"Lucky succumbed to cancer after serving five tours of duty. ","url":"/US/video/military-dog-honored-memorial-service-15305529","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}