Missing California Boy: Remains Found, Relative Arrested

A body was found in the backyard of 11-year-old Terry Smith's family home.
2:05 | 07/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing California Boy: Remains Found, Relative Arrested
Late into the night several vigils around -- -- -- grow remembering Terry Smith junior was. -- Earlier balloons are released honoring the eleven year old at a tearful candlelight -- drawing a massive ground Scarborough and. For everybody -- to -- Organizers say since Sunday more than a thousand volunteers in -- hundred degree plus heat comb through an 81 square mile search area. Investigators ended up finding what appears to be the boy's body in his own backyard all these people it. -- all this time and -- just been right there the whole time it's devastating to now you know he was right here. Sometimes it takes awhile for us to put all the puzzle piece together the circumstances like this. -- sixteen year old relative believed to be -- half brother is under arrest for murder. -- Emery says she spoke with him last night when he joined hundreds of volunteer searchers at them that if the market. I was telling them how rumors about him. And loving him. And all the bad stuff have been in the backyard and finishing. In the community. For judging -- -- knowing. -- kind of a person can do that what kind of a person can talk to the people that are looking for his brother. Knowing that you get what he did their family attending the vigil -- want to go on camera but issued a statement saying in part quote. This has been a devastating week for our family in for everyone involved in the search this community has been amazing and we appreciate all the support. Tonight we're learning -- Stanley in the school district disagreed about whether -- was -- diagnosed with autism they know it's going to be a bit of a shock to people -- -- to hear this. But now. It was a product that's him whatever the case this community that's been so united and hope tonight is united in grief. For an innocent little bullet I just pray for the little boy that he's at peace. The missiles that rest. -- This holds -- -- -- tight don't ever take for granted.

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{"id":19638277,"title":"Missing California Boy: Remains Found, Relative Arrested","duration":"2:05","description":"A body was found in the backyard of 11-year-old Terry Smith's family home.","url":"/US/video/missing-california-boy-remains-found-relative-arrested-19638277","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}