Missing Girl's Mother: 'We Just Want Bianca Back'

Reporter speaks to the family of a Detroit 2-year-old who has disappeared
2:12 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Girl's Mother: 'We Just Want Bianca Back'
As you can imagine this is then it very difficult and trying time for the family we are doing -- now by the Nico Joan and her entire family here who is here to support her. You guys have put together new -- today what does this all about. We just want to make sure that the -- is front page news in in the front of everyone's mind we want everyone to be out looking for -- I -- times we are looking for beyond that we won't stop looking for -- and we just want via cobra home. And there was no mistake that some of these shirts are pink and that's one of her favorite colors rightness -- those -- almost most of her -- How this is then feel I mean you have so much family support here how are you guys getting on -- day to day basis. My family has been nothing but it. Wonderful and there are precious and I don't know how I would've been to do this without them sisters he she's -- in Iraq and I'm just so thankful for them it is so many other people in the community who are coming -- to help -- Mr. Lovejoy is though doing international -- this would RT shirts are buttons are not tired and your eyes and an impressive been pounding at it every day looking for her with those fires right yes yes and we got to find beyond that we are going to bring her we miss her. Desperately we meters dearly in the holidays are coming we need a home that's what what is your message too clever by half her. Please bring beyond -- home. Do not worry about persecution or prosecution. We just won't be that's all we want we only won't be and you can just. Please take -- to a safe place hospital a church. School. A police station and just. Drop her off and -- her come home to her family we love her please bring the alcohol. And again the need to think he's so much for joining us and a that this is not an easy thing for you or your family to do -- -- Not an easy time for them as well if you know anything you need to contact police right now there is a a reward available 171500. Dollars for anybody -- can help bring -- -- are Bianca homes safely and think -- that certainly a family that is desperate to have their little girl home. Reporting live from Detroit -- -- lucky seven action news.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Reporter speaks to the family of a Detroit 2-year-old who has disappeared","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15088366","title":"Missing Girl's Mother: 'We Just Want Bianca Back'","url":"/US/video/missing-detroit-girl-bianca-jones-mother-bianca-back-15088366"}