Families of Victims Lash Out at Malaysian Government

Family members say they want satellite data evidence, Malaysia Airlines CEO says he has nothing to hide.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for Families of Victims Lash Out at Malaysian Government
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen with -- ABC news digital special report denial and demands from Chinese relatives of passengers on board Malaysian airlines flight 370. The prime minister of Malaysia has been clear he says there are no survivors and the triple seven likely landed somewhere in the abyss of the southern Indian Ocean. ABC's Devin Dwyer joins us now with the latest DeVon. He Michelle such a heart wrenching day yesterday for the families of those victims upon hearing that news and today. There are still so many open questions as dozens of families took to the street to demand answers. Today's distraught -- passengers from flight 370 lashed out at the airline in Malaysian government. If dad that none of them survived I don't believe that if you do if you make that such as his. So they're concluded you must have some evidence we want to that's why. They're demanding to see the satellite data that officials said Monday confirms the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean. -- has been publicly released and there's still no sign of wreckage or remains the unknown -- -- Search team. Working hard to. To -- to us. Satellite evidence right now. The urgent search today was put on hold because of bad weather. The -- dashed hopes that recently spotted debris could be quickly recovered and confirmed just have to deal with just like Tyson's best we can do in terms of its -- that. And -- in hospital in the search area itself remains daunting the size of Alaska. The searchers create grids over the area to guide their hunt for the black boxes we're not searching for -- -- -- -- high -- -- front of the fallen with a -- to excuse the families of the victims are preparing for a long road ahead. They dearly loved and will miss -- mom and dad the love and compassion. That I said. And that variety of putting their family fest. Will help us get through this together. The Malaysia airlines has offered 5000 dollars to families and each of the victims. Officials said overnight that they're preparing to make additional payments since this search continues on Michelle. Devin Dwyer thank you knowing where that Malaysia -- doesn't come close to answering how it got there. -- -- head of the BBC spoke exclusively with the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia airlines about that and many other pressing issues. Tell me about the pilot and the co pilot of flight test and they -- seventy. -- fund -- courts to have been quite exemplary. You know. Pilot -- captain -- 151000 dollars. This new mission lines that can pool more than fifty if so he -- -- -- an examiner. For the two point seven. So over this -- Dispute rerecord going to be chiefs out of order correct me if -- flying your plane and creation. We don't know. Is any evidence any thing that is being held back. There's nothing really community and we knew we have the corporate and four dvd. Investigating. He. And -- Under. Realized that investigation team missing has concluded picked teams from. From other nations. You can get American teams here to you but because of British -- here so. Announced that a few other nations of convulsions its investigation -- we -- I didn't -- That's -- -- finally said of course you're dealing with the -- -- Awoke primary role reduce. This tragedy he's really -- to we care we be. We need be really take care of the family. Of those aboard an Ettinger gone -- -- -- normal responses. I think they would say you hadn't gone far enough that response has been very angry and has been targeted that you. Well I think it's unfair I think we've done or we can we didn't -- means to to help them. Did the only thing that you must realize that you know an incident like this. Normally in any. Tragedy has sold some evidence in place. We have not had any evidence and to me be last night so you a 100% sure -- plane -- lost. Based on evidence provided to us yes. So what you say to finally to say no -- hiding something. Loved one's that -- line. I think -- a high degree of certainty that sex he provided by -- -- DE. IB. Right 22. This to conclude this case. But -- evidence. They give us no physical evidence that wreckage. -- no wreckage but hopes the unknown not all of the Finnish team. Working hard to. Two to locate -- -- satellite evidence right now and I -- and -- some sighting by a process well. But do you really have to image you don't go out and finds -- pieces. Do you honestly -- -- responsible enough to resign as -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- make a decision later. Do we have things to do -- up. And joining me now from Washington Tom powder former director of the NTSB's office of -- -- aviation safety. Thank you for joining me first are we prepared to accept the collude -- conclusion that we've been hearing by. -- Malaysian officials that the airliner went down somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean is that an indisputable fact at this point. It would appear to be last week the NTSB provided them with the same information it was confirmed by Dumars personality I'd be. So we have to separate analysis of the data that shows the aircraft went into the Indian Ocean. And you know hearing from the family members over these last few weeks what would you say. To these angry family members now who's just been told. That by the Malaysian authorities that the plane is gone and the people are gone. That that's extraordinary difficult. I've dealt with family members before it's never easy the one thing they want is their famine -- -- -- what information. Here there there's nothing to give. I think all the data shows the aircraft went into the water over two weeks ago nothing's been cited. I think to -- extraordinary likely to have survivors at this point. And Tom give us an idea what the challenges are for the Malaysian authorities for them not having what they admitted just a short time ago. No wreckage they have very little evidence. And yet making this conclusion. Well I think the conclusions based on on fact we know about where the aircraft went to large body of water. That the chances via successful -- would have been small under most circumstances this one from we know is even less. So. Basin all the government evidence I think -- be -- likely survivors in this that's -- message a passel. And then assuming that the missing jet is at the bottom of the ocean how much longer will. Batteries continue to -- on those black boxes. Would it. It depends a little bit -- to manufacture guarantees thirty days we've seen last for 45. So we may have this much -- you know 239 days left. And now the -- Australian government and US government is sending ships in the area specifically to look for the pagers. The problem I have to don't know exactly where to look so you take your best guess who were start and start doing the grid lines and maybe you'll get lucky. And Tom you know given your experience with this and the challenges that you've heard the search areas are enormous but are you at all. Concerned puzzled or doubtful that nothing has been found. Spotted from the flight 37 yet. Well I think so much time was lost and looking in the wrong areas -- now we're finally focused and I think. What's coming together now it's much more organized search. Using all the -- that brought to bear video satellite imagery the aircraft and several nations ships from several nations. And now we can really start focusing. The unfortunate thing is -- past -- time -- -- wreckage on the surface and floating around -- moving with the -- in the current. When you say that they can just start now really getting focused where will that focus be now and -- we've seen that grid section that they might be mapping out what's next. Well that is the bridge section a look at this large. But at least we're no longer spending assets up to them or -- are places that -- airplane didn't go. It's going to take time. Hopefully through this search for -- -- if -- cooperates will be able to find some wreckage. And that made will be lucky and find the recorders do. And -- have you seen anything in the -- in the history of your experience or even then you know aviation of all of these countries having to work together like they are. A specially the Chinese Government with US with Malaysian government. Trying to share this information and resources. Not to this level where I've seen before several nations getting together. The south African 747 comes to mind the vanished and the Indian Ocean for awhile. But this is even a higher level man the amount of cooperation was going on is some precedent me. Tom -- outer thank you very much for joining us -- of course you can keep up. With the search of the Malaysian -- -- -- in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starting this story for exclusive updates. Ago this has been an ABC news digital special report on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23052652,"title":"Families of Victims Lash Out at Malaysian Government","duration":"3:00","description":"Family members say they want satellite data evidence, Malaysia Airlines CEO says he has nothing to hide.","url":"/US/video/missing-malaysia-flight-families-victims-demand-satellite-evidence-23052652","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}