Satellite Data Gives Certainty on the Path of Flight 370

Malaysian authorities say they will continue the search for the flight that ended in the Indian Ocean with no survivors.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Satellite Data Gives Certainty on the Path of Flight 370
This is a special room. -- yeah. Yeah. -- The face of pain the grief of the Malaysian air passengers that was on full display. After today's announcement by the prime minister that flight seventy gone down the southern Indian Ocean. With all -- that there would be no survivors. From Democrats -- in Europe this digital special report. The message from Malaysia -- to the families today. On behalf of all of us Malaysia airlines and all Malaysians our prayers go out to all the -- ones. Of the 226 passengers and -- -- thirteen friends and colleagues this enormously painful time. The ongoing multi national search operation will continue. As we seek answers to the questions which remain alongside the search for an extra seventy. There in intensive investigation which we hope will also provide answers there with more on today's announcement and on that search every ABC's Devin Dwyer DeVon. -- -- you know they still have not found the plane nor any confirmed wreckage but as you said Malaysian authorities today. Indicated they wanted to give some closer to the families of those -- -- include three Americans. Defeated Malaysia air flight 370 has been confirmed. -- Do you sadness and regret that I must inform you. That calling for this new page. Life and me please 70. And in his you know. This somber prime minister saying groundbreaking analysis of satellite data finally gives new certainty about the flight's path. This is an important addition follow probably at a -- will -- his -- Search planes and ships are closing in on the area 15100 miles off Australia's coast. Teams there have already spotted floating debris. High tech cameras took pictures from the sky as crews threw flares to mark the spot. The first I cry -- grain circular object and the second and orange rectangular. Object this Australian navy supply ship named this success is racing to pull the items from the water. Then investigators will determine if they're part of that Boeing triple seven. The race -- on to find where the plane hit the water and those critical black boxes. The real answers to the mystery of this airplane crash like 700 miles back to the west wherever the airplane hit the water at the bottom of the ocean. Now the US navy announced this morning that it's sending a special black box locate -- to the region to help. Let's boxes of course contained flight data for all seven and a half hours that that plane was in the air to end a long search -- -- ABC's Devin Dwyer in New York got to thank you for that. Joining us now is ABC's David Curley and David there's been a lot of information out -- theories. The Malaysian government statement amended days later now we're seeing -- these families are reacting devastated obviously. Do you expect -- they finally gotten this information right. Now we've been reporting for ten days -- ABC news that it was someplace off Australia the US officials. Suspected this aircraft was pat and with the new data coming from the satellite company. And so close to debris we're seeing so many of the aircraft that are spotting things happening in the next. Twelve to twenty hours we'll probably have a piece of debris actually on -- ship there in the south Indian Ocean. Adamant that -- on there that's more of gut feeling than anything else but yes I think that they are definitely on to debris. And the question is can we narrow -- an office with this -- said data. To give us a better idea of where to look for the the actual wreckage that sank his most this plane sank. When it hit the ocean what and I wanted to ask you about about that it marks -- data because the prime minister said -- -- new information -- from this never before used technology. It's by British company in March that it does that group what kind of reputation as -- -- -- you know there are satellite system in I don't think this all came from the -- not just all their calculations. Here's what happened is -- took the things that they got from this jet which we never knew. Until this incident that these jets continued to paying a satellite it was something pilots to know about. And certainly the general public didn't know and it is going to be key if we find this aircraft -- why we find it. But they took that they talked to Boeing and they looked at other flight is similar to this one. Better able to ask me with the amount of fuel and what the satellites of what Boeing says as far as when -- runs out of fuel how does -- glide. To get to a pretty good sense of where this thing may be still a very big part of the ocean and a very deep part of the -- Now here -- wanna play the Malaysian prime minister again just after he had delivered. That news to the family. Yes. We share this information. Our commitment to openness. And respect. For veterans. Two musicals. -- -- Investment. The Malaysian government has been very much criticized from the very beginning of this investigation where you've started on the coverage of this would you agree that -- those principles have been guiding the government's PR efforts right from the get go. With all due respect to the prime minister this is not been an investigation that has been marked by openness just the opposite we've gotten conflicting information. They've withheld information they still not given us a true timeline. But what happened with this aircraft and where they -- on their radar now just the opposite this is -- I will say this that former investigators have worked in Malaysia on smaller incidences that -- pretty good investigative team but. They are out of their depth and they do not want to give it up under international protocols because it's their aircraft they have the right to lead this investigation. And they've chosen not to give it off to the brits are the Americans of the Chinese of the French. They wanted to stay in control of this and they have a huge conflict of interest. The government owns the aircraft they paid the pilot that paid the people who put the passengers and the cargo on this aircraft. And this -- been. Two weeks of really. Stonewalling by this government and not providing the kind of data. At least we're used to here in the United States from the NTS BI I've pointed out the of the data -- helicopter news helicopter crash in Seattle we had -- a great time line and and and data provided by NTSB within a couple of days. There were a couple of weeks that the Malaysians we saw -- have a timeline what am message then to the passengers balanced Malaysian -- has -- multinational investigation search. Will continue in fact so anything's changed is far is those efforts are concerned -- everything changed once the Malaysians finally. Allow the Australians in the United States to search off Australia and they did delay that by several days. As we reported a week ago Saturday that it was off Australia wasn't until a couple of days later. That the Malaysians actually offered to let the US and and asked officially asked because because and this protocol that it asked the Americans and illustrations search this area. So that's. As our. Aviation expert Steve -- points out that's from the real investigation started in his mind. When you got the -- in the Americans searching now of course the Chinese Japanese -- -- down there. And we have a a whole range of assets now there they could have been there are several days earlier. And what about taking a lead on the effort is there one particular country -- that will be stepping and or -- -- will -- ranked higher remain the same again till Malaysians say that. They want to hand -- off to somebody else they remain the lead agency that's the way the international protocol works that can -- of the UN and until they give it up it belongs to them ABC's David Curley were following the latest on that David thank you for tiger to appreciate it. Of course you can keep up with the search for flight 370 in real time by downloading ABC news app star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though. I'm Dan Cutler and New York with its ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":23036552,"title":"Satellite Data Gives Certainty on the Path of Flight 370","duration":"3:00","description":"Malaysian authorities say they will continue the search for the flight that ended in the Indian Ocean with no survivors.","url":"/US/video/missing-malaysia-flight-satellite-data-flight-370-ended-23036552","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}