Missing Man With Dementia Found by News Crew

Maine man approached ABC affiliate WMTW as it was reporting his disappearance.
1:39 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for Missing Man With Dementia Found by News Crew
Search and rescue team spent more than fourteen hours searching an area of Bloomington after 73 year old Robert McDonough. Who has dementia disappeared Monday afternoon. Around 6 AM search teams were briefed and started to intensify their effort. It was going to the second operational period which mean we -- ramp up. Values -- GPS technology we'll get would have -- pilots would have ATVs canines. Just as news -- was getting ready for a live update at 630 a gentleman walked up to our crew and identified himself to us. As Bob McDonnell but you have you have carefully your wife and your. And and down. Your daughter and they know you're okay. After speaking with them for a few minutes we then called the -- service who along with a family members said here that was in fact Bob. I'm Jeremy -- plea for awhile. You -- -- anything. He really was kind of with what's all the concern about didn't really even recognize the fact that that we -- -- -- -- Real fortunate prosecutors -- -- Kamal wardens had hoped McDonough would be up and moving around when the sun came up and that either police or passer by would spot them. Early mornings really hoping that the sun brings back the road. And fortunately he did he brought back -- Aside from a little blood on his shirt and his hand wardens say he was physically fine to be here -- -- prosecute -- life threatening hot time. The search teams are trained to deal with cases of dementia and are happy Robert McDonough showed up. Safe and sound you know I I've learned early economy no prediction on those and always assume that he's alive and well raked in the end so. For us. Good in Wilmington north Clark -- WOTW. News eight.

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{"id":19283676,"title":"Missing Man With Dementia Found by News Crew","duration":"1:39","description":"Maine man approached ABC affiliate WMTW as it was reporting his disappearance.","url":"/US/video/missing-man-dementia-found-news-crew-19283676","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}