Missing Nevada Family Found Alive

The parents and their four children were missing for two days.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Missing Nevada Family Found Alive
This is a special room. However when I'm -- and -- -- Washington this is an ABC news digital special report a miracle in northern Nevada six people two adults four children all kids ten or younger. Have been found alive after they went missing two days ago they were out for a trip to play in the snow and some rugged terrain. They were found with the latest on the search and eventual rescue we're joined now from Los Angeles by ABC's Alex don't outs it's great to see you thanks for join us when the crews find these guys and and what kind of condition -- it and. I -- this all happened within the last couple of minutes they were found along I eighty about to ninety miles or so east of Reno. This is all again on folding -- within the last couple of minutes and they were found. Rescuers brought them down on stretchers this was a family of 64. Kids all under the age of ten years old. Along with two parents all being rescued now they had been missing since Sunday they went out to play in the snow they didn't come back. Search and rescue efforts began. And now we find out being Tuesday to -- two days later they have been found and they are safe. I'll give us a sense of Alex of the terrain they were in and I understand it was quite a large operation for the past -- days it was mobilized to try to find them right. Yeah it was a big operation now a big search and rescue effort under way searchers had gone out they were -- on the ground they were looking for them they were in the area where they had gotten. I cell phone paying off of the mom's cell phone they got that -- early Monday morning early yesterday morning about 1 o'clock in the morning. They got that -- they went and tried to search that area didn't see any signs of them they put up helicopters they were using. I heat seeking devices from the air trying to track them down that way. We don't know at this point because this is unfolding right now exactly how old they found him. -- the whole family what led to that final discovery we don't know yet. No we do know they Wear their optimism was certainly beginning to fade right the past few hours that cell -- paying you talked about. Had dissipated and it was really cold out there right. Yeah very very cold day it had been snowing in the area they did get that paying debate -- hope at that point that it at least they have their cell phone on them hoping it was going to be close to the family in the that would give some information. That may have led to this rescue we don't know yet at least bringing them to the right area. But as time goes by in any case like this hope does begin to -- they were out there on Sunday they didn't have a whole lot to be in the elements. They didn't plan on staying overnight there was no sign of them. I so even though family members continue to hold out hope and they typically do in these -- sorts of cases. Rescuers were saying as moments went by as time continued to -- by it became less and less likely that they were okay. We now understand that. They have been rescued they're being checked out at a hospital around -- -- and Nevada. But at this point it looks like they're in relatively good condition. Certainly many people breathing a sigh of relief -- -- as you were talking there was some pictures. Some of those family members being taken out on structures put in ambulances as you say getting checked out right now. But give us a sense do we have any idea yet I know it's early on what exactly went wrong on Sunday was this a broken down car did they get simply get lost on -- hike. What happened there. But we don't know all of that is dead yet to be known and we likely will know maybe within the next couple of hours he sheriff's department around -- Lockett said that. It will be putting out a statement beyond a statement put out -- a couple of minutes ago. But only confirmed in a statement here in front of me. That all six family members have been located and are in good condition beyond that they say they'll be putting out more later so. We wait to find out from the family what happened to them how did they get lost our -- not in contact with anybody. So hopefully we'll know within next few hours. All right ABC's Alex. On ABC news radio were very glad to have him thanks again again if you're just joining us just update -- group of six people thirty year old man and two children. 25 year old woman his girlfriend along with her niece and nephew found alive after two days. Missing in the northern Nevada mountains temperatures dipping below two twenty degrees below zero all the details right now on abcnews.com. Thanks for watching this has been an ABC news digital special report. I'm Devin Dwyer -- Washington.

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{"id":21167050,"title":"Missing Nevada Family Found Alive","duration":"3:00","description":"The parents and their four children were missing for two days.","url":"/US/video/missing-nevada-family-found-alive-21167050","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}