Missing Teen Contacts Mom on Facebook

Alisa Wheeler, 15, told her mom that she's living in Mexico and pregnant.
1:52 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Missing Teen Contacts Mom on Facebook
-- Wheeler vanished around midnight on June 21 profoundly believe she left with her adult boyfriend a Mexican national known as -- Investigators feared -- -- -- and made it to Mexico she would be sold into the sex trade. The four months since her disappearance have been a nightmare. For her mom it's gotten me to the point -- counseling. Just started counseling for myself. And getting counseling for my children that I at home then out of the blue she heard from Melissa on FaceBook on Friday seen. Combing over and over again how sorry -- let me down -- this is mom says her daughter did go to Mexico with her then boyfriend. But things changed when they got there when she I guess got down -- He was married and she left. Mom feels that in order to survive in Mexico -- latched on to another man she says that she is now see is in Mexico. She's married. And it's C it's frightening. All -- will tell her mom about her new husband is that He is 23 years old and his name is chino. This -- says she is three months pregnant and living in Baja California. But won't say where I believe she wants to come home but she is scared for -- -- she is with the nail. I'm thinking he's gonna go to jail and this is mom says she wants her daughter home so badly she's willing to pay for her and her new husband. To come to attack if that's what makes her happy and for -- -- to come home. I will have him. Whatever I have to do to get his papers she says she's looking for help. Sorting through all the legal questions involved she is fifteen and she is -- in Mexico. And they as soon as she went there willingly and that's like they Witten got down and get her.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Alisa Wheeler, 15, told her mom that she's living in Mexico and pregnant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14771479","title":"Missing Teen Contacts Mom on Facebook","url":"/US/video/missing-teen-contacts-mom-on-facebook-14771479"}