Missing Tennessee Mom's Body Found

Karen Swift, missing since Oct. 30, was found dead near a highway.
1:05 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Missing Tennessee Mom's Body Found
The debate Dyer county resident -- sales this curiosity calls him the drive to the spots. Known to locals that look. -- -- everybody sort of shocked you know I'm not really really statistically people bad you know that this happened here. What happened there. 44 year old parents -- above the -- four was found at the bluff period. We're all -- FM everybody's hearts of the famine and her friends that didn't hear. -- says he didn't know slipped but his door to was that a Halloween party with our. The night she disappeared. I don't think you've been stricken -- -- she wasn't -- that but. She was at the -- she was -- that which is flexing its. The body was found in this wooded area located just -- to three miles. From our home nobody without your -- You know. We're -- -- weeks -- Palestinian police as well as members of -- family had been looking for her since she vanished six weeks ago. Sales this is hard to believe this with the body was found so close to her home. Especially since searches home -- -- But does understand -- -- -- circular.

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{"id":15146366,"title":"Missing Tennessee Mom's Body Found","duration":"1:05","description":"Karen Swift, missing since Oct. 30, was found dead near a highway.","url":"/US/video/missing-tennessee-mom-karen-swifts-body-found-15146366","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}