Missing Wash. Toddler: New Photos Emerge

Police release new photos of the missing child in hopes of jogging memories.
1:30 | 11/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Wash. Toddler: New Photos Emerge
The search for Skype continues -- -- -- thirteen speculation ran high the moment Bellevue police announced a new press conference in their search for Scott -- -- But the only break in the case is a new series of photos that show skies mother and the hours and days before the boy disappeared. Note the clothing that -- is wearing and these surveillance photos from in store video cameras. The gray sweatsuit that she's wearing there appears to be the same when she was wearing on Sunday November 6. -- -- -- -- looks strikingly different in pictures previously shown in the media. Police also released new photos -- sky that look more like he did when he disappeared. Investigators hope the video and photos trigger people's memories if they came -- -- contact with them. Police have received 12100 -- so far and checked out all but a couple dozen. I'm pleased report some of those tips have been hopeful. -- won't be able to talk more specifically about exactly -- Sky has been missing since November 6 -- -- told police her car ran out of gas and she left the boy inside to walk to a gas station a mile away. Sky was gone when she came back. Police say the evidence doesn't support her version of events and they reached out as recently as today for answers but -- kolbe still won't talk to them. Investigators acknowledge they have the grounds to arrest the mother for negligence or neglect but have made a strategic decision for now to concentrate on finding the boy. Our focus continues to be to keep this is big it is dedicated that needs to be to solve. The mystery.

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{"id":14989133,"title":"Missing Wash. Toddler: New Photos Emerge ","duration":"1:30","description":"Police release new photos of the missing child in hopes of jogging memories.","url":"/US/video/missing-wash-toddler-photos-emerge-14989133","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}