Mississippi Traffic Stop Yields $364,590 in Hidden Cash

Police investigate source of money stashed in secret compartment of driver's car.
1:29 | 07/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mississippi Traffic Stop Yields $364,590 in Hidden Cash
The cash was seized -- somewhere along interstate 2059. In meridian. But police tell me they cannot reveal exactly -- the traffic stop took place. Investigators say it simply started as a routine traffic stop until the officer on the scene began searching the vehicle and uncovered a secret compartment. Inside the compartment more than 364000. Dollars authorities say the driver was detained for a short time before being released. Not every town when an officer shot -- -- will they searched that vehicle. Depending on the situation. Circumstances and where that stop he is well determine whether or not that officers who searched a car. Harper tells me the money has been turned over to the city of meridian and will go through legal proceedings. Afterward he says the money could help the police department acquire new supplies and equipment that are needed to help the -- -- carry out its many missions. The city would receive 80% of the 360 -- thousand dollars and water dale county would receive the other 20%. That's because of a drug task force agreement. Just like any case we ever deal -- until it goes to court some details cannot be released to the public so it doesn't impinge on the. Now because of the new administration here at the meridian police department. Officers are taking some new approaches when it comes to curbing crime including approaching the criminal directly. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19653326,"title":"Mississippi Traffic Stop Yields $364,590 in Hidden Cash","duration":"1:29","description":"Police investigate source of money stashed in secret compartment of driver's car.","url":"/US/video/mississippi-traffic-stop-yields-364590-hidden-cash-19653326","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}