Mississippi's Amendment 26 Tries to Define Personhood

Voters will decide if the term "person" will include fertilized eggs and clones.
1:39 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mississippi's Amendment 26 Tries to Define Personhood
Initiative 26 launched a statewide billboard campaign this week on what display -- -- that measure would make birth control a lethal weapon. The TV spots from both sides are now constant. Don't let Planned Parenthood NB -- detracting from what that day. It's perfectly acceptable to be pro life and against -- 26. Doctor -- bush is a vote yes supporter and featured in one of the latest TV commercials the OB GYE -- disagrees with several of the state medical association's. That have called this measure bad medicine. I do not agree with that it really concerns me that the what ifs and the unintended consequences. Would get so much attention as opposed to -- intended consequences. Proponents admit they really want to stop abortion and this is a bad bill bad from Madison. Admittedly there is some confusion regarding the initiative specifically why clothing is even mention. Proponents admit the measure is passed it will -- some of -- of legislation but lawmakers to clarify it. Doctor -- -- says that the bill as is would open to many dangerous doors. My problem is if he put it. And one moment you're saying we're gonna outlaw cloning but the next -- saying that that embryo has personhood rights bush says even though there is no quality of the state there is concern that clothing down the road. Could lead harvesting -- cells -- organs if. For some Biotech -- -- moves in the Mississippi. Or before someone gets the idea. We would like to -- that don't.

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{"id":14837544,"title":"Mississippi's Amendment 26 Tries to Define Personhood","duration":"1:39","description":"Voters will decide if the term \"person\" will include fertilized eggs and clones.","url":"/US/video/mississippis-amendment-26-define-personhood-14837544","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}