Missouri Woman's Suicide Now Considered Murder

Michah Moore confessed to killing his 27-year-old roommate Bethany Deaton.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Missouri Woman's Suicide Now Considered Murder
-- any Deaton was a newlywed and a nurse but above all her obituary says she was a Christian. I think they just told us you know was going on and that. That we should keep praying. Gabriel Hernandez attends the same Kansas City churches -- and says her alleged killer also went to the international house of prayer and I'm not university in grand view. But according to police those two in several other men were part of their own religious communities separate from that church -- husband Tyler was the leader. The -- I hope it may be awarded during the old -- and you know I don't know what happened or why and that -- -- -- It is. We met Hernandez outside of Mike the borrowers apartment -- property owned. -- -- -- I've seen -- few times walking up and down the street and another friend -- minus talked to him down there at that coffee shop before and nobody. From what I understand -- who is capable of anything like. More confessed to the murder Friday -- revealed how he and several other men who were living with Deaton and her husband in grand view. Had been sexually assaulting her for months but grew concerned Deaton would tell her therapist about what was happening. That's when someone in the group instructed -- to kill her. -- we've -- -- we -- asking neighbors say people were always coming and going from the -- home mostly for Bible study. I'll just a weird like this okay -- you have you on believe saying stuff like that willing to -- them somebody measures take me through violent.

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{"id":17718589,"title":"Missouri Woman's Suicide Now Considered Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Michah Moore confessed to killing his 27-year-old roommate Bethany Deaton.","url":"/US/video/missouri-womans-suicide-now-considered-murder-17718589","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}