Miya's Crab Popcorn, Anyone?

Executive chef Bun Lai shows us a fast, fun way to cook up Asian shore crabs.
6:10 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Miya's Crab Popcorn, Anyone?
Hi my name is on line the stuff at me as sushi here in New Haven, Connecticut. When I create dishes -- -- change what's classics. -- -- -- It's got to be better than terrorism. And I believe that every recipe that I created that's on -- menu. Tastes better and feels better for your body as more embarrassing than anything that exists in traditional system. One of my favorite things to do this -- would invasive species invasive species. Are a type of organism. That does not belong in a native habitat. This is an Asian short -- People are often like come and kill these baby -- and -- baby crabs they're fully ground are problematic species they exist all the way from New Jersey. Two -- today. My show you how to cook these up so they come out like crap flavored popcorn. It found them underneath rocks. Ten minutes from there at the shell fishing grounds and we have be stored and little boxes. This is -- frozen seafood. And a slide them here. Got to be very very careful. They explode all over the place and that's likely to step back. I can tell these crabs -- gone. When all the water. Has left and it's not boiling. In the oil. You can see that turns as beautiful orange the -- a lobster turns one when you boil it. Now wanna let it -- for. About five more minutes so that the shells termed brutal clarity he's right now which tells a -- a little hard. Now -- not splashing you know it's not dangerous and one try to hold some of these crabs down. The lack of pride deeper. As part of the challenges that they like that the contest everything. It still boiling it means that they're not ready yet. I copies crabs three weeks ago my staff and I like to do that kind of as a hobby we like to go out and forage. I like to use them as well because it's abundant. It's delicious. And you're doing -- this -- and yourself a favor by taking these out of it. Now these are -- frying and you can tell. Because -- stop boiling. Let the oil -- off if you don't have a drip -- you can use a plate. If you don't have one of these things to take it out you can figure that -- -- four current chops sticker. A -- with holes and. I'm pretty cool. -- looks like they're crawling up. -- take this line. And squeeze it all over the -- It's gonna help. The -- stick to it. This it's about a dozen different spices and put together you can use old days seasoning -- anything like this actually has an authentic Greek -- at four different types its chili pepper roasted sesame seed. And not make. It's done. -- -- -- -- These crabs have. The texture of -- tortilla chip. The flavor of of crabs soft shell -- Man citrus. And chili pepper at the same time values too much -- -- as I can feel my face starting that really heat up the way. I like to use this in my restaurant. Is to. Use this as a garnish for crab dish that I have a blue crab dish. He isn't sure -- this is day sculpture that I created to express ideas about how humanity has impacted the world in a way that's not necessarily good. And -- tenable solution to it. This is a serious year old stuffed with blue crab that's -- this area. Got blue crab and the senator over here along with seaweed. -- -- with organic -- is also from Connecticut. I've got a sauce made out of brought cashew nuts and -- When -- further. Topped that with. Julianne. Which means. -- science are anything that's cut this way. Lengthwise. And that's supposed to look like seaweed. The rock that you see it on is the same type Iraq that we catch the Asian -- crabs underneath. -- -- take the Roxy -- which is also in the role by the way. And I use it as a garnish. You can see how brittle the -- is. -- make it look as if these crabs. Are. Climbing. On Iraq's. And it's really supposed to look like -- -- islands which is ten miles from here where we have our shell fishing grounds and -- we catch this really rocky area. What I. When -- cases things that -- and not the same -- and myself where. And -- -- -- invasive species this really is at home obviously wouldn't create this elaborate this. The way I would do it the way -- show you how to -- season. And usually one. I really urge you to try this it's fun to -- it.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Executive chef Bun Lai shows us a fast, fun way to cook up Asian shore crabs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15453018","title":"Miya's Crab Popcorn, Anyone?","url":"/US/video/miya-bun-lai-chef-shore-crab-asian-food-15453018"}