Warm You Up Miso Soup

Miya's Sushi executive chef Bun Lai creates a winter Miso soup.
6:09 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Warm You Up Miso Soup
-- my name is on line on the show up at me as sushi here in New Haven, Connecticut. Musicians started thirty years ago by my mother today the restaurant -- evolved into something where. If we don't know where it's officials from where that there's been farmed or how it's been -- we won't use it at all. On nine out of ten ingredients that you can get -- additional Japanese restaurant we won't use. So basically what I try to do is rethink what -- was in a sushi can be if it's de cuisine that's kinder for the plan. The most popular types of seafood in America are shrimp tuna farm -- Communists and use any of those ingredients we use ingredients that are commonly available that are often as affordable as possible three quarters -- Herman is vegetarian. Because I believe that's healthiest way for human beings -- Mitsuzuka is two. During -- I -- be designated. Onion -- of this restaurant. Cutting. Basically in the order of the way we're gonna be costing the experiences -- Just nice -- chops. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing you don't do as you know Russian leader -- because they'll they'll dole. Next things garlic. These are not ingredients that traditionally going to miso soup. However this soup is gonna end up being Paper nutritious. And wooden mostly organic ingredients the garlic in the -- is not organic garlic and -- Is is never sprayed. So makes no sense to pay more for -- -- -- as she -- mushrooms. This is incredibly important component of it. -- have been -- for a few days so I'm not even bothering taking bottoms out of it. That he isn't done. Next thing is that dried chili peppers the party -- -- can crumble. Next thing as potato. Went to root vegetables. Potatoes I always use organically. Sweet potatoes and never buy organically because they're rarely straighter. When they are -- -- barely sprayed. I'm cutting these potatoes and quarter inch cubes. And they're going to and up going into this soup. First along with the onions because they -- the longest the cook. Read -- hear this is the most important part of this -- -- -- the secret of wire miso is so incredibly delicious. This is Roxy -- which is a wild -- that occurs all around the world. And is eaten all around the world except for here there's actually more vitamin C. Then an orange and more protein. Then -- The other thing is that their abundant. And anyone can get it as long as the waters are clean I have a hundred acres of shellfish grounds ten miles from here. Has a role. If the waters are certified for shell fishing -- -- good received. So. The women -- this is the -- -- pretty fine when you go and do de facto kind of pattern. -- -- -- So right now sticking in some sweet -- -- Regular potatoes and peppers and garlic -- all ingredients that take the longest cook and allow this stuff. Come to a boil and -- to be onions become translucent and the potatoes. Stuff that should be about ten minutes and then I'm -- follow with the other ingredients. The next few ingredients of the most important ingredients. For this suit or any type of nieces -- I think that she second mushrooms. And -- -- both original sources for -- -- you look. The C -- is turning bright during -- gorgeous screen so was this brown black but for now. It's got this vibrant color. Or and allow this -- we -- -- second mushrooms this summer for an extra fifteen minutes to allow the flavors of the seaweed and that -- back and mushrooms to permeate the soup. When I -- and miso paste it's important that I turned me. The water off because we don't want to boil the -- -- next miso paste. It is a -- live. Ingredient. We don't want to destroy. All the nutrients and the -- breaking apart and miso paste. Fifth. The -- leave. Third and through strainer. -- -- Now if you were to keep on boiling in the us today you boil it in the next day. It would still be absolutely delicious. And -- so we'll have darkened the very last ingredient that goes and is roasted sesame. -- put enough sesame oil and make a thin layer that goes up top. And that -- had a wonderful nodding yes. We can see -- the bubbling. That's the best -- but.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Miya's Sushi executive chef Bun Lai creates a winter Miso soup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15452937","title":"Warm You Up Miso Soup","url":"/US/video/miya-chef-sushi-bun-lai-miso-soup-food-15452937"}