MLB Strives for Gay-Friendly Environment

Former outfielder Billy Bean is appointed Major League Baseball's first ambassador for inclusion.
1:41 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MLB Strives for Gay-Friendly Environment
Just hours before tonight's all star game. Major League Baseball took a swing at making the big leagues -- more tolerant place for openly gay ballplayers. -- commissioner Bud Selig welcoming back one of McCain's own former player Billie beat him to beat the leaks first ever ambassador of inclusion. We want the people who make a living in our game to be. Who they wish to be. Right now there are no openly gay bisexual or transgender players in baseball. -- went public about his sexuality only after his playing days ended in 1995. In his new role the former journeyman outfielder hopes to provide guidance for other players who choose to remain silent as he is based but -- Proving. They're going to continue to lead. Instead of follow and watched by the sidelines the league has -- banned discrimination based on sexual orientation but wanted to go a step further. As the sport of Jackie Robinson the principles of equality and inclusion are -- for the game. When he fourteen has been a year of firsts for days in sports. In February the Brooklyn nets Jason Collins became the first openly gay active player in the NBA. And in -- the St. Louis Rams drafted Michael Sam making him the first player in the NFL who was out of the closet. Having a gay man BB symbol of this and hopefully have a gay man really drive. The direction of what Major League Baseball does that super important. Being is also expected to train players and -- partners in combating several different forms of discrimination. Susan -- ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":24574076,"title":"MLB Strives for Gay-Friendly Environment","duration":"1:41","description":"Former outfielder Billy Bean is appointed Major League Baseball's first ambassador for inclusion.","url":"/US/video/mlb-strives-gay-friendly-environment-24574076","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}