Molotov Cocktail Sets California Man on Fire

Police search for suspect who threw a bottle of flammable liquid at a man outside a Long Beach store
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Molotov Cocktail Sets California Man on Fire
It'll flash the victim is engulfed in flames a terrified mother runs to pull her child in a stroller out of harm's way. As the burning man races out into the parking lot. Good samaritans as you can see at the top of the screen used blankets and jackets to put out the fire. It was crazy. It was really very easy because see some I didn't -- in the big qualifying it was terrible. The horrific scene unfolded Friday night around seven this market on PCH in Long Beach the 54 year old victim was sitting on the ground outside the store waiting for his elderly father who was shopping inside when he was suddenly attacked -- us. It came up from an -- way in and Jason alleyway. And threw a bottle of a flammable liquid that landed at the feet of the victim panic in and exploded. Igniting his body in planes narrowly missing the mother and child. And at this point police have no idea why. We have no motive for this particular crime we don't have any idea why. This particular person was targeted. I can't movie it is -- what do things in and then -- bad sound. -- -- -- -- -- Watch closely and this -- you can see the suspect as he runs up to the store it appears the Molotov cocktail type device was already on fire in his hands. The suspect is described as a male Hispanic 25 to thirty years old 58 to 510 around a 180 pounds he was wearing a light colored short sleeve shirt with vertical stripes. After committing his fiery crime basically runs away but police are hoping the public will be able to put this cold hearted criminal behind bars. This suspect this callous somebody who has that kind of hatred in their mind and and -- just use that type of weapon this particular suspect we need to get into custody as soon as possible.

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{"id":17534377,"title":"Molotov Cocktail Sets California Man on Fire","duration":"3:00","description":"Police search for suspect who threw a bottle of flammable liquid at a man outside a Long Beach store","url":"/US/video/molotov-cocktail-sets-california-man-fire-17534377","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}