'Molotov Cocktail' Thrown at Mosque, Homes

Authorities investigate four fire attacks in Queens, N.Y.
1:26 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for 'Molotov Cocktail' Thrown at Mosque, Homes
Police are still out here at this Islamic center where they say someone threw -- homemade firebomb. Apparently made out of a -- Starbucks bottle at the front door it's just one of the locations still under investigation. The wave of arson attack spread across eastern queens the first Molotov cocktail was thrown -- -- -- on hillside avenue just before 8 PM. Ten minutes later a private home was attacked on 107 avenue. The house caught fire and he took sixty firefighters more than forty minutes to get the blaze under control. The third attack came half an hour after that firebomb was thrown at an Islamic center along the band like expressway in Jamaica. You mom -- foundation is home to one of the most prominent Shiite mosque in the city. The center's door -- open flames but by the time firefighters arrived the fire had been put out. When he came out I smelled the gasoline end. And angry at the time all the -- police officer at the fourth attack targeted another private home on 170. Street. All of the fire bombings are being investigated as hate crimes. As the best I've had been here. -- -- But Bluefield say with a -- his -- nobody -- -- the. And we're told no one was injured still no arrests have been made -- in Jamaica queens Marcy Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15273742,"title":"'Molotov Cocktail' Thrown at Mosque, Homes","duration":"1:26","description":"Authorities investigate four fire attacks in Queens, N.Y.","url":"/US/video/molotov-cocktail-thrown-at-mosque-and-home-15273742","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}