Mom Induces Pregnancy for Dying Dad

Mark Aulger held his newborn daughter before slipping into a coma.
2:57 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Mom Induces Pregnancy for Dying Dad
That's three week old Savannah all your resting peacefully at her home too young to understand all the pain around. That's your family on Christmas morning three weeks before she was born her father mark playing guitar had recently learned that he beat cancer. But what he didn't know the eight months of -- -- -- had destroyed his line. It was basically like his lungs were soaked in concrete they couldn't. You know inhale it couldn't pass auction threw it into the blood -- -- the rest of his body so he. In -- suffocated to death. In January mark was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and was given just days to live. His pregnant wife Diane was induced two weeks early so that he can meet their baby girl. He got to be the first one to hold -- held there for 45 minutes after she was born. Those few moments together are all he got over the next few days mark fell into a coma. He she laid in a hospital bed recovering herself. Diane had a break the news -- were four other children at their father was dying. My ten year old says his -- asleep. My accent no he's -- Nicole most. Let me say this -- and make it nice and no indeed Scranton. The man laying year old -- -- didn't go right -- and I can have a daddy you. A collision of so many emotions coming together. By his -- side they cried and prayed for mark who died holding. Little savanna. His heart rate started to prop and is -- started to drop end. So I put her in his arms and I held his hand until. He died. These are the only images she will ever have with her dad lying together at the hospital. She isn't the that's just the couple's story has touched so many post French Paper. Even a company with a fairly was working with before mark -- six states. Experts and whose workers volunteered their time to replace the couple's -- The job market plan to do for -- He had dreams and aspirations to get his -- in that condition and we went to help bring that through even though he -- nine years. -- protect his home Diane is now protecting their family without him. My children -- Cable bill. -- loud -- mourning the loss of a husband and a father. Celebrating. A new life.

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{"id":15554944,"title":"Mom Induces Pregnancy for Dying Dad","duration":"2:57","description":"Mark Aulger held his newborn daughter before slipping into a coma.","url":"/US/video/mom-induces-pregnancy-for-dying-dad-15554944","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}