Mom killed by rock thrown from overpass

A manhunt is on for the suspect who killed a woman by throwing a rock through her car window.
2:12 | 03/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom killed by rock thrown from overpass
Let's turn now to a case in Texas temple Texas a a murder case involving. A manhunt in Texas after woman was killed after being hit by a rock thrown from a highway overpass. ABC's Marcus Moore is live in temple Texas with the story Marcus. Byron this is just a sad sad story that we have been following here in temple Texas I want to take a look at interstate 35 behind. This is a significant artery a lot of traffic day N. And day out of people traversing on this part of the state. But it was also the scene of what police are calling a homicide on the highways. Three year old. Flores was in the front passenger seat of a car with her boyfriend and her three children sitting in the back seat. And police say as they passed under a bridge someone threw a rock from that bridge onto that car that she was then the rock went through the windshield. And hit her in the head. She sadly passed away from her injuries and we spoke with her boyfriend just last night who described. A loud noise sounded like an explosion when that brought of that rock went to the windshield. He also described the eerie silence that he knew there was something wrong with his girlfriend when she was not talking. He'd discover that she was badly injured he tried to perform CPR. But it was not enough she passed away at the hospital there was also a good samaritan who he says stopped to help. All but there are Byron of so many questions now. About who did this because right now police have not publicly released any information. About a suspect they also don't say anything about a motive at this point and they are urging the public Biron to come forward with any surveillance video. Or any information that they may have that could help them track down the suspect who at this point. Remain is of a mystery Byron. And this is just such an upsetting case for people year in Texas and across the country who now heard about this this is the young mother she was 33 years old. Had three children. For the love of her life Byron. Family is just hoping for a break in this case. Marcus Moore from temple Texas thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"A manhunt is on for the suspect who killed a woman by throwing a rock through her car window. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61633315","title":"Mom killed by rock thrown from overpass","url":"/US/video/mom-killed-rock-thrown-overpass-61633315"}