Morehouse College to Graduate Father and Son

Dorian Joyner Sr. and Dorian Joyner Jr. discuss their experiences at school and plans after graduation.
2:13 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Morehouse College to Graduate Father and Son
My name is -- and join -- -- in. Women ages religion -- hometown as Roosevelt New York -- my plans after graduation is to attend law school and ambiance. My name is doing don't enjoy your phone while Tony George -- making -- -- -- plans are to. Lieutenant -- school and -- words of peace -- To be apartments and graduation graduated together more houses it is really exciting. There wasn't planned but this is very exciting. Event for. On the father's son spares for me as -- student knows him being announced doing this as a national. BO very season premier class we have wrong last yet. You socialize -- of life. When we on campus concedes -- -- -- authorized funds. He is actually on the natural path from the morehouse I came the morals -- -- in 1984. Through 88. And then -- -- and started actually building a career coming back the -- this time watching. The development all of the buildings have been. -- -- renovated the technology on campus. -- look at shivers -- and when he goes to -- it's like a gourmet meal. -- is -- more houses of other. Well first came here -- moments of -- -- hall. It was hectic right now I'm in my mom opposed an aphorism what my next -- neighbor in resolved -- effects on this -- -- -- -- -- impacted bags. Throughout the -- -- was now for some years are Brazil reason I have -- I was studying and go out -- we have each -- even planned dates so. Mr. whether that's -- missed the most and -- -- ally my clothes. The device that would give incoming student is to take advantage of all. The opportunities that are available today they have so many available. Resource. -- him as a man from the combat all of these years. Services Sunday as he was my -- So that's also can be proud of him as a man has my father to grab it won't see his mother his brother and me grab our kids yes we want -- and so it.

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{"id":19186346,"title":"Morehouse College to Graduate Father and Son","duration":"2:13","description":"Dorian Joyner Sr. and Dorian Joyner Jr. discuss their experiences at school and plans after graduation.","url":"/US/video/morehouse-college-graduate-father-son-19186346","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}