It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 9, 2019

Missouri Walmart gun scare, Mississippi ICE raids, Area 51 Facebook event creator speaks out and more.
25:52 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 9, 2019
Good morning I'm GO when he. CNN's Stephanie Ramos here in the top I think you know this Friday ever won that. Scare at Wal-Mart and then carry loaded weapons and wearing body armor sparked panic inside a Missouri Wal-Mart last night. Customers ran from the store in Springfield as the suspect walked the aisles he's now under arrest no word on his mood. Meanwhile police in Texas confirmed the mother of the El Paso shooter called them weeks ago expressing concern. About her son and owning an eight K style rifle the police say no action was taken because his mother made no mention of any threat to the public. Number two the urgent search for a man who escaped from a Tennessee prison and allegedly murdered a corrections employee authorities say Curtis Watson used to tractor to make his get away from the west Tennessee state prison. Watson had nine years left on his fifteen year sentence for aggravated flop. Police admit he could be anywhere by now on to number three now a dramatic rescue after a plane crash in Oklahoma. US Coast Guard crews were responding to the crash with a fishing boat rescued the pilot and passenger. The men had been drifting on a raft from more than an hour authorities say the twin engine plane was heading to Miami no word on what caused that. For an unknown song writer is reportedly threatening to sue Lady Gaga claiming she stole banality of her hit song shallow from him. Yet the New York Post reports the Reuters staking claim to a three no progression. In the Oscar winning single from the soundtrack of a star is born. He claims shallow is based on a song he released in 2012 which had fewer than 300 streams online. Got us attorney calls the threat a brazen and it shakedown. And finally here number five the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will meet on the country's most famous corn fields the teams will play in dire as well Iowa what does home of the field and field entering this. The we did. Major League Baseball will build a temporary stadium near the sites made famous in the movie apparently through the cornfield lead fans to park. He will play there next on this we've got much more to talk about coming your way it's morning America. So let's get to today's big story he chaos unfolding at Wal-Mart in Springfield Missouri just days after that deadly shooting Rampage and I'll pass out yet this time it was a man in military style clothing and body armor he walked into a store armed with guns sending customers fleeing. Until an off duty firefighters sprang into action. This morning police in Missouri say this is the man who set off panic inside a Springfield Wal-Mart they say he entered the store wearing a bulletproof vest. Armed with an assault rifle and more than a hundred rounds of ammunition. Police say he grabbed the shopping cart and started walking around the store filming himself on his food. I heard a voice soft smile laugh saying it battered real rifle all. Bill we are capable of her death. They are around his neck and just walked into the door district court against them. The store manager pulled the fire alarm and just a shoppers were evacuating. An off duty firefighter spotted the man holding him at gunpoint until officers arrived no shots were fired. One as he arrived here there were a lot of people hiding outside behind. These barriers are and businesses and and it was pretty pretty chaotic and I'm still shaking and it was is just terrifying. This video shows the moment outside the store as you can see the suspect's hands raised with this phone still in his hand recording every moment approaching police where he is eventually arrested and police not yet saying what his motive may have been. What's happened in Texas and in Dayton and all that kind of stuff in the last seven days. That's on everybody's mind meanwhile this morning new information out of Allen Texas where police have now can. Firms that the mother of the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting suspect. Did call to report her concerns that are 21 year old son owned an eight K style rifle weeks before the massacre. The U information that the caller relayed it did not Warren in the additional enforcement activities. Because there was never a mention may lead. Concern for anybody others that so a. According to police the call taker did ask if he was suicidal or had made threats toward any other person they say the mother said he was not. In the wake of the shootings in Texas and Ohio new movement in Washington and the gun debate top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now saying that president trump. Has given them assurances that he will review a house passed bill calling for tighter background checks senate leader Mitch McConnell slid Thursday he believes congress may pass some form of gun regulated legislation when lawmakers return in September. But observers have strong doubts that it will include tighter background checks. And McConnell has refused calls to bring the senate back from recess saying it would do nothing to help. Now the battle at the border and those sweeping immigration raids in Mississippi agents say hundreds of undocumented workers have been rounded up. But the rains have left many children separated from their parents this morning government officials are defending the raids as we hear exclusively from the acting secretary of Homeland Security. Let's get right over to Washington DC that's where ABC's Mona cause our Abdi is standing by live hey they're Mona good morning. Good morning GO and good morning to you Stephanie. Weeks after president trumps threats of nationwide and mass deportation raids fell short of expectations. Ice to launch a secret operation resulting in the largest single state read. Ever. This wasn't seen at several food processing plants in Mississippi where ice officials launched coordinated raids. Targeting workers believed to be undocumented. Agents apprehending nearly 700 mainly Hispanic immigrant workers. And taking them away on buses leaving some children without a parent at home fighting back tears. It is the ring yeah. In this video provided by WG TV children begging for the return of their parents. More swept up in the largest single state immigration crackdown ever buy ice agents. Let me yeah. Yeah. But then and into thinking yeah. Being heartbreaking extends to hear him that's how. Yes Kai an outlet. He notes at the starting. In Schwarzenegger. In an exclusive interview acting secretary of Homeland Security Kevin Mack a lean and tell CBC news 40% of the people detained in that raid. Have been released with parents getting top priority. Bigger challenge as a factor we're seeing so many more. Man Rick silver cross. Or the raids were the largest Okur since president trump took office. And calm as the number of people an ice custody hovers near all time highs the overcrowding prompting the agency to build temporary holding facilities. Like this one in Yuma Arizona. And for the first time Homeland Security allowing our cameras into this facility. Where several migrant families can be seen lying down on mats wrapped in silver mylar blankets. Immigrant advocacy groups say the raids so fear in migrant communities. Sir interest have been terrorizing militant Latino community they have succeeded. But some top Mississippi politicians including the State's governor Phil Bryant offered praise and the raids took place the same day president trump left for El Paso. Community grieving after a gunman killed 22 people particularly targeting Latinos. ABC news asked Matt Coleen and at the race thoughts of postponing the raids in the wake of that shooting. But Mack a Lehman said that plans were in place long before. G a Stephanie. All right Mona cause our do you think you so much president John has named a new intelligence Chief Justice of the number two intelligence official announces her departure. The nation's top counterterrorism official Joseph McGuire will be calm. Acting Director of National Intelligence when DNI Dan Coates steps down next week. Coast deputies to Gordon now plans to leave the same day. Art evacuations have been ordered for about 12100 people in northern California threatened by the goal for wildfire. The blaze is an an area about ninety miles north of San Francisco that escaped the region's recent large wildfires. It may actually be two fires in the steep heavily wooded area. Meanwhile the paradise wildfire already the deadliest in California history has claimed another victim. The 72 year old man had been hospitalized since November. Much of the northwest could seen wildfires today because of hot dry weather. It'll be hot and humid in the south with the heat advisory in effect until this evening. UN experts say we need to change the way we eat and full arm the scientists say the way we use land is making global warming worse and that in turn is causing. A faster loss of land that can produce food the panel says it's not too late to avoid a worldwide shortage of food. We should shrink farmland while increasing forest waste less food which would cut greenhouse gas emissions. And eat more plants and less meat which would also cut emissions. Get ready for more hurricanes than usual this year government forecasters say the 1219 hurricane season meet busier than first expected. They now expects Tenet to seventeen named storms as many as nine of them hurricanes. Hurricane season runs through November so far we've had two named storms one of them hurricanes. And we have a health alert now about coffee and migraines a new study finds that too much coffee triggers migrates. Researchers say for migraine sufferers drinking three cups of coffee or more increases the risk of an attack by 40%. Five cups of coffee increased the rest by 161%. From. That's a lot unbelievable that 18% of women and 6% of men in the US suffer from migraines. All right we'll coming up right here the viral FaceBook event storm area 51 they can't stop all of us why the events creators says. He visited by the FBI after. And welcome back now we turn after the scare in the air shocking video an airline flight attendant apparently drunk in the camp. This is unbelievable she was the only flight attendant on the United Airlines flight and now she's grounded. Facing charges. This morning this flight attendant is out of a job and facing charges of endangering passengers and public intoxication. Passengers on. Org say Dana knew something was wrong the entire play in the center urged while planes started to notice something was wrong she was stumbling and kind of staggering back report bumping into passengers on the united express flight from Chicago passengers say the only flight attendant appeared impaired even before take off. She had no coordination no balance is incomprehensible or micro current. And once they were in the near it appear to passengers that Julian march had passed out. Passengers even fastened her seat belt for her. The fact that. We didn't have a operational flight attendant on the way meant that all of our safety and security was compromised. Charging documents say upon landing in South Bend, Indiana. Officers noticed blood shot eyes slurred speech and the smell of alcohol when she finally took a breathalyzer test it registered eight point two which is five times over the legal limit for flight attendants it's unacceptable for anyone how to distraction when they're performing safety sensitive work to be impaired and performing that safety sensitive work. The flight attendants union like the pilots union offers a self reporting program that allows flight crews to get help. For alcohol and drug related issues about 150 people asked for help from the flight attendants program each year. All right time for those notifications. Let's check those out right now starting with a raccoon rescue near Boston. The animal's head a second a storm greeting you in Massachusetts fire crews used soap to try to get a free. They were able to eventually lets the great to get some more leverage but the animal. Was pretty well wedged in place yeah finally after about two hours they got a free thank goodness animal control officials say. The raccoon appear to be. Six months I know right. And now we've also got to lose solicitor. And it has residents in San Diego on edge so there's concern because it is in. You're guard and a variety of pets to. It's what's known as a monitor lizard right now it's at least four feet long and can grow to nearly twice. That length. Yanks experts say monitor lizards are also very dangerous so be on the look out there in that area if you aren't there. While they sure handed it dad made a great grabbed in the stands at Phoenix. Always do you see this that happened on foul ball during Wednesday's Phillies Diamondbacks game look at that right there the Dutch holding his daughter. And infill hole look at that and his right hand. Just catches know the right hand is old news baby left hand catches the ball and he just got a big cheer from the crowd. Look at. And look the baby wants a grab. And does the baby does go. That's admirable and they're talking documenting them as soon as it happened I love them and finally eighteen weeks into old town road at the top of the charts it's the song's popularity should almost be illegal literally yet police and Wellesley Massachusetts say that street signs for the city's actual old town road. Have been stolen multiple times and they suspect the song by little love sex and Billy Ray Cyrus is to blame. Canadian authorities have been having the same problem in a town north of the border but they've decided to capitalize on a problem selling science for 25 bucks apiece. I think parents sell. Till they Cain know home home. You have but that's that's brilliant dissolves marks of war and it has. Well what started as a joke FaceBook event quickly turned into a phenomenon reaching millions people yet the storm area 51 event went viral and now it's turned into a festival for alien enthusiasts are Bakersfield California station. Talked with the events creator who says the FBI came knocking. Here's Leslie good. Was starting out as a face the joke is now alien busiest possible. Now with able to talk to the creator tells me that be acting knocking on his door. I never for solace happening to me it ought never done anything that's even reached this scale of attention so it's just it's completely surreal and it's really cool it's officially 44 days into the storm area 51 they can't stop us all of and takes place in Nevada on September 28 which is now warped into a festival that even got the attention of the FBI. They FBI agents that showed addition of the 10 AM. They contact about mom who likes to see Texas in the FBI's here answer found seconds I was got a scared at this point but. There aren't they were super cool they really just wanted to make sure wasn't like some kind of actual terrorists a ticket pipe bombs and living room. Since the creation the face but give them back in June 19 hash tags and other things the groups have McCready related to the event causing it to go buyer all across the country the original post has attracted over eight point five million. It's insane I just created a joke both played video games than and it's taken off to dislike absolutely wild monster sauber trying to. Make this into something that's positive enjoyable and safe there. And profitable for the people of rule Nevada to rob. We're says it's been a stressful weeks since Monday when the a bit with almost two million RC piece was deleted by FaceBook. And second assist completely deleted there was no reason why. Tried to put in the bunch different support tickets like hey what's going on here with the event and us kind of scared because now. I'm trying to head abdicate all these people to go towards the safer options but now have lost the pop for the. Roberts says he tried to create a new ban but did those students were deleted as well causing a frenzy I'm impossible attendees of the very first thought I. Dot alert that said it violated community standards for the other team there's no reason they discuss completely blacklisted point three ABC reached out to FaceBook officials about the deletion of the event and released this statement saying this was a mistake and and they repeat is now available as basement goes I just one kind of thanked him for putting the event back up however we do have that organization to actually point these people towards a safer option he wants to keep them mission to the festival's free of charge. I mean proper would be nice but I don't want to see make it seem like on this profit driven guy like I'd. Don't care about the money aspect I just wanted to present and I never intended for this event to take off in the first place but now that it has a wanted to make it something fun. I think just trying to capitalize on on it and make a ton of money is just kind of out of reads this fear that the grassroots idea have for the festival. And the meet up is scheduled for September 20 at the extraterrestrial. Highway in Nevada. It's being advertises a weekend full fun camping music arts aliens. And that's our question of the day do you think the government is hiding evidence of aliens and you miss Stephanie. You're in the national reserve did what to you move. I can't don't about the art as of national reserve army reserve. That's that's right unless. You know some I don't there. It's there squirrel Lemanowicz secrets correlate information from them kicking anything well not McHale aren't not really hit if the. But good try. And coming up right here we're getting a taste of the suite life. We'll take you inside one of Manhattan's most expensive real estate listings right after this. And here's what to watch out for today president trump heads to New York for several fundraising events and in the day in bed minster New Jersey. Meanwhile more Democrats step up to the soapbox. At the Iowa state fair including who Leon cost bro Andrew Yang is John Delaney Marianne Williamson. And filthy Gabbert. And more candidates will make their pitch of the I won't win dinner tonight. It's the first day of. The hot Asian more than two million Muslims have gathered in Mecca for the annual pilgrimage it represents one of the five pillars of Islam and Muslims believe the highs. Retraces the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed. As all of those of profits. Eat what came and this might now. And Keith Urban. We'll be live in Central Park this morning yet it's going to be happening at Jia a concert series watch live at 9 AM eastern right here on NBC news. Plus Denver educated into the debriefed for it. Update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics she was laughing if you herder laughing it's because she was like. Cutting into my lines. I love you include community. That's because yeah. They're. Let's bring in another superstar. We'll be ends he's here because you know where we. You're you're also looking to vote rich man's world I sure am a little out the reference there I think we did included Heath. And this is you know the idea you're gonna show us what it takes we what you get with the money money Monday exactly serious funny. That's right I am giving you guys. A look into my search for a new home you know I figured I'd take a look around New York City but instead of the typical Long Island suburb with a two hour commuter. Hell's kitchen rental with no air conditioning this morning remove a not a. It's. Looking for a new home to the end nerve wracking thing. Luckily I've got a friend in the realistic it's Alice city hello way are ill. Welcome to the kids they decorator show outcome money and do. She knows that something simple and bonds is just what a low key guy like me needs. Right now we're on the upper east side of Manhattan were blocked from Madison avenue on the banks shops and restaurants for a block from Central Park. This is a forty foot wide townhouse. In nineteen they. Well own bedrooms. Ten fireplaces. And the list goes on to this is just the epitome. Of luxurious clothing. City. RA so look at this entryway into his room was grand staircases and all of New York City is safe. Life and it circle. All the way. That he and let's go look at mark please. Yes we got six flights of more case argued appeasement confidently say yet what exactly waits at the top of that staircase. And this is the entertainment and load. Oh and the asking price 28750000. Dollars. So let's see what some of that cash might buy you first stop. This is the library and his spelling. Woman who runs house around the world it's a ladies' library it is so she you've got this fabulous new girl on C clean. We've gotten the 1940s. Princeton home she and leave here I'm speechless it's a library but it's not. Through its sheet I think I'm dismissed. Yet you you do you keep reading glasses. Yeah I looked at it's a good luck he Q so were heading to midtown Amy. Her pace he's. Out of control gorgeous is it the most chic dining room I accept and not hitting you I have chills up my whole lot here to sexy dining room. It's a sexy dining room we. Three words I never thought I'd put together if you could invite three people living your dad two on your dinner party who would you invite him lying gene since so yeah. 04. Source Washington. Who was injured don't think about this now. What happens fully prepared visitors. Hang Taylor Swift and detailing we. Reese would you mind passing the gravy Jesus wants a little bit after saying good bye to our dinner guests. Next up on the grant toward something else worth a closer look the dog route two and asked for you've got to wall portrait. All feature in dogs a whole snack bar and a very chic dog that has a wall. Of gras float fight comfortable. Yes though it's odd eating pizza and having a beard. Here's here now. We've got most feared and well and back upstairs Alice's favorite room. I love it when feeling you just walking into another man who in turn. Funny how you better news a little closet then sent his box brilliance these little films through yet. It's all right. In fact this Manchin has a few places to wind down routine just want to come back from. Now unless you laugh yeah I think you. And back to the to a finally reaching the top floor of the mansion we realized it hadn't checked out the back yard. Oops you want want to take yeah. There's an elevator we yeah things like that now you're telling you did an elevator IAE. That yard which is bigger than my current apartment by the way. And urban oasis that this is shared with the neighbors ordered. No sharing. Just free O whoever buys this house has a 14100. Square foot backyard a palace like this all to myself. Time to see if I could make this dream home a reality. Stallone what do you think. House I mean it's everything I dreamed of and more. Without asking price 28750000. Might feel a little out of my price range is there is there anything else you can think. It's one thing I think we. Going out. Will dance ABC news. New York. That's the amazing thing about this home aside from everything in it is that they open their doors to folks who wanted to pay a few bucks to come in and tore it. And all of those proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club. The Bellman. Hellman I mean yeah I can't get and that outside. Yeah now the yellow hat that little hat a Latin thing. Critics are editor Chris he is just a genius and deserves all the props for that incredible piece though yet Chris Campbell. He's given the Emmy now. Thankfully million though death. And that dean Elena else a lot of work went into eight Saturday it was test stunning so. I gotta go get to my bellhop shifts all of you guys here thanks for having me yeah. I don't even think it wait and say goodbye with us Aaron by everybody that a look at the real at a day. Korea I.

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