It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 20, 2019

Democrats aim for Buttigieg at debate, Senate trial negotiations at an impasse, wrongfully convicted man set free after 29 years and more.
22:55 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 20, 2019
Winnetka wrote Anthony OK top I think snow this Friday number one I don't native here among Democrats running. President the seven candidates that qualifier for last night's debate work united in their criticism of president drop on the heels of his impeachment. But he aired their differences on foreign policy rate reed college and more and this time there he wouldn't judge was Tariq. Target of attacks from the others on state chinks in his recent momentum in the polls. Meanwhile former vice president Joseph Biden was largely out of the spotlight. Highlights and coming up shortly number dear president comes impeachment trial in the senate of them about Republicans are accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi playing games after she refused to send the articles. He spent the senate. She says she wants to ensure fair trial senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he'll work for Democrats to resolve the impasse after their quality story on to number three now the house has passed and you North American entry to its call the United States Mexico Canada agreement that deal had bipartisan support passing by a vote. A 385 to 41 day agreement replaces Gil NAFTA deal which many lawmakers blamed for shipping jobs to Mexico. It's expected to be considered by the senate early next year also Thursday congress raised the legal age for buying tobacco and cigarettes across the country from eighteen to 21. That law changes part of a massive spending package that's now awaiting the president's signature. The report now a jury has awarded nearly nine million dollars to the family of a stuntman who died on the scene of the Walking Dead the film and production companies were found militant. For the death of John Burton Acker and when he seventeen he felt had first heard about in the inland and concrete. Mother blames the Syrians think he felt I'd have finally number five a brand new Miss America has been. Round and she's breaking them all the revamped competition that no longer judges women on how they look and a swimsuit evening down. And here she is the 20/20 one American Mellish drier air. And 24 year old biochemist from Virginia she wowed the crowd that colorful history. You hear it. Yeah you Dick congratulations to her. This morning. Get back to the pilots at vital democratic presidential debate here this time only seven candidates took the stage it was their people who judge who took much of the fire. The last democratic primary debate of the year began as predicted we need to restore the integrity. Of the presence of the office residents reacting to president trumps impeachment. If the Pratt and planes. That he is so innocent then why doesn't he have All the President's Men testified and while impeaching the president is not an area where the candidates disagree include yanks struck a different tone. We have to it stop being obsessed over impeachment which unfortunately strikes many Americans like a ball game where you know what the score is going to be. And start actually digging in and solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first. It's the conversation took a sharp turn when it came to campaign financing. Prompting this clash between senator Elizabeth Warren and mayor key bush rejects. The merit just recently had a fund raiser. That we've held NA wind cave full of crystals and served 900 dollar a bottle wine. Com think about who comes to that billionaires. NYU caves should not kick the next president. Of the united state mr. mayor never buy and. According to Forbes magazine I am the literally the only person on this stage who's not a millionaire or Billy. This is the problem issuing a purity tests you cannot yourself past booted judge entered the debate with momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire making him the prime target of the night. Senator Amy Klobuchar singled out mayor Pete's only statewide race a failed run for state treasurer. You try it and you lost by twenty let's talk about it. Yang was able to lighten the mood during closing statements. I know what you're thinking America. Column I still on the stage with Ben. Yang and Klobuchar benefited from the smallest stage yet with only seven candidates. They had considerably more speaking time during this debate. While former vice president Joseph Biden had significantly grew less meanwhile overnight Biden reacting to a tweet from Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The former white house Press Secretary seemed to mimic a stutter. Using several eyes before writing. I have absolutely no idea what Biden is talking about Sanders later clarified she wasn't making fun of anyone with a speech impediment. Well Biden responded. I've worked my whole life to overcome a starter in it's my great honor to mentor kids who have experienced the same it's called empathy look it up. Huckabee Sanders apologized ended tweet was deleted meanwhile diversity also came up last night. Andrea said he was disappointed to be the only candidate of color on stage candidates are asking the party to allow a bigger group act the next debate. To break down what this debate means for the race moving report returned to ABC news political director Rick Klein Rick good morning. Shenae and Kenneth. A new front runner getting new scrutiny mayor people rejects the story of this debate sustained scrutiny on his record from three different United States senators. Taking on his relative lack of experience as well as is perceived coziness to quite well heeled democratic. Financiers and billionaires this'll be a key moment to see how mayor Pete response for the first time he's getting serious questions about his record's clearly registering as part. Joseph Biden less of a story in this debate although he was able to talk about his ability to work with Republicans and in trying to cast. His his vision of leadership the sub in the Democratic Party needs at this moment of course Donald Trump overshadowing all in this debate several candidates Rio responding reacting to the news of impeachment. And they know that Donald Trump is going to consume much of the next month. Of this campaign by virtue of that looming senate impeachment trial three of the candidates on stage in this debate are gonna have to service chores in the coming weeks. Today Kenneth. Our thanks to Rick let's turn now to that other big story the new impeachment standoff in Washington Democrats and Republicans are costing over time line for the from the senate. President trump is looking to the senate for vindication of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi story of wrench in the plans ABC's and as they like Qatar has the latest and that's good morning. Good morning name can and Democrats are hoping to have witnesses testify as part president from senate trial. Her pelicans have already rejected that request to house speaker Pelosi is hoping. At to pressure Republicans into giving her what she wants. Side by threatening to delay president John senate trial. History put on hold president from becoming just the third president in US history to be impeached. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now refusing to take the next steps saying she wolf said articles of impeachment over to the senate. Until majority leader Mitch McConnell reveals with the president's trial will look like. Act founders and when they wrote the constitution. They expected that there could be a blow president. I don't think they suspected that would ever rolled president and rogue leader in the senate at the same time. Democrats have been pushing to hear from four witnesses the White House had blocked from testifying. Including acting chief of staff middle grainy and former national security advisor John Bolton. The issue coming up at last night's democratic debate. It president trop. Thinks that he should not be impeached he should not scared to what or where his own witnesses. But. O'Connell has already rejected that request. Indicating he wants a speedy trial and that he's working in total coordination with the White House Democrats are hoping threatening to possibly delay trumps trial will give them leverage. But for now at least Republicans aren't waiting. Looks like prosecutors are getting cold fate. And thought an entire country. And second guessing whether that you don't want. The go to trial. President chopper responding on Twitter. Rating Pelosi is afraid to present impeachment of the senate. And adding so laughter Democrats gave me no due process in the house lawyers no witnesses no nothing. They now want to tell the senate how to run their trial we think that what they did is unconstitutional. Lawmakers are hoping to have a president comes Senna trial begin the week of January 6 but that will all depend on when speaker Pelosi decides to hand those articles of impeachment. Over to that Bennett. To name Kenneth. Our and that's their Washington think you. Meanwhile Russian president Vladimir Putin is coming to president comes defense saying he was impeached for quote far fetched two reasons. Echoed Republican talking points during his end of the year news conference calling the charges against trump groundless. And Democrats trying to make up for losing the place sixteen election and accused them up inventing something. After failing to prove collusion with. Russia a Chinese woman is in custody in South Florida after allegedly trespassing at the president's resort the 56 stroll appear confused during a court appearance in West Palm Beach. She was detained about two miles from our Largo Wednesday after police say she gain access to the property. For an open service entrance. Investigators say her visa is expired she's been charged with two misdemeanors she says second Chinese citizen arrested for trespassing and mar a Lagos this year. And the senate has given final approval to a bill designed to curb those annoying robo calls it's called the Trace act. And it requires phone companies to authenticate calls determine if a number calling is actually real. I also clears way for regulators to penalize spammers more aggressively estimates are that nearly fifty billion robo calls have been made in the US so far this year. Dozens of people are homeless this morning after a massive explosion and fire rocked a Philadelphia neighborhood cellphone video captured the raging fire several homes collapsed trapping people inside at least two people are feared dead ABC's aerial Russia reports. That massive explosion rocking a Philadelphia neighborhood I haven't seen a movie. Leveling at least three homes and trapping people in the rubble. Old they are now. Rescuers searching for survivors. Backs you're able to locate someone but. That individual was trapped under so much debris that they were not able to. To extricate them. Authorities feared that person is dead and they're searching for up to two more victims. Fire broke oil. Panicked residents rushing for cover. The young woman. It was coming out of the house she's barefoot. And she's climbing. She looked kinda shocking. Police say a home caught fire and suddenly detonated. Some reporting this smell of gas in the air more than 120 firefighters and rescue personnel responding as raging flames shot out of the building. A maelstrom of fire me wires gases you know gas leak he. Building collapsing around him to try to get into this building and make a rescue. Officials say the fire is now under control by dozens have been forced from their homes as crews investigate what caused this devastating blast. Aerial rash FA BC news New York. Some consumer news now the can be as sort of chain known as wawa reveal the data breach lasting nearly a year. Affected thousands of customers lot lot says it discovered malware on its payment processing service last week. The company believes the software had been got a credit card and other costs for information since at least march. Reach affected all 850. While while locations. And there's word of an even more massive user data breach at FaceBook data security expert reports the names FaceBook IDs and phone numbers of nearly 270 million users were exposed and an online database. He says most of the people affected are from the US the databases no longer available but it was available for about two weeks FaceBook says it is looking into the matter. Well coming up the musical cats hits movie theaters but critics aren't singing its praises his. But first. Home for the holidays white man is finally walking free after spending decades in prison. For a crime he did not. We are back for dramatic surveillance footage of an EF two tornado. Touching down in Columbia Mississippi the twister tore through an auto repair shops parking lot earlier this week. Ripping paralyze a mister or in a large tent. Three minor injuries were reported at that business at least fourteen tornadoes were reported across the state. There is a state of urgency in Australia crews battling more than 100 wildfires are getting help from American firefighters and more are on the way. Record setting heat and strong winds are feeling those deadly flames Thursday temperatures soared 207. Degrees the hottest day on record. Wheeler conditions are expected today. And check out this wild scene in Minnesota car thief jumped out of the vehicle and grabbed the woman's purse she doesn't like go and winds up being tracked more than 200. Feet she suffered minor injuries. Saint Paul police say crooks have pulled off more than twenty some or robberies since last month. We turn out to the man whose home for the holidays thirty years after being wrongly convicted of murder a judge set him free after a special prosecutor took a closer look at the evidence. A moment as Illinois family has been waiting nearly thirty years war and the Mon west and walked out of prison after prosecutors dropped a decades old murder charge against him. A mug. There is that must better owners say. I promise you that. Weston has maintained his innocence since 1990 when he was charged with murder and attempted murder he says he only confess of the crime after being tortured during a twelve hour interrogation. By disgraced Chicago police commander Jon Burge. Virtuous since died spent three years in prison for lying about torturing suspects the 1970s. And eighties. This year west is legal team asked the special prosecutor to revisit the case. After an investigation report found Weston's claim of torture with unsubstantiated. But the special prosecutor still request that the charges be dropped because they found the evidence quote does not meet the burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. This morning west than and a Stanley are now making plans for his first Christmas home. Since he was seventeen. The first Christmas and on thirty years and Kendall BA for Christmas Eve Davis could do Kona on the skillet and but on a playing him dizziness there would love of. The Chicago sun times reports Weston agreed not to sue the city but he could still. A lawsuit against the police. Lighten it up and check our notifications. Starting the way it what's likely the world's smallest. Gingerbread house scientists think this microscopic. Happen. And what's essentially like a microscopic Santa blaster it looks like it's covered in snow but. About mean ten times tinier than the width of a piece here that case. Would you do to taste it now and the hair compared to eight green no out a good thing. And we have a terrifying new world record up fourteen year old now holds the record for the largest Malcolm. He can open his mouth three point 67 inches. That fits a whole lot. Sandwich. Or that big club you like from Walt why you additional. That is true. Next you since you line and living their best life if they were spotted rocking in a boat and Washington State. Rock the boat don't Rock the Vote be banned rock the boat. Don't dip the that. That no right. Get and fifth graders interim interim yeah that third sea lion attacked the giant that they appear Brett it's only wanted to party to you. The and it is our wars franchise mark the start life as husband and wife for two big fans. India windy taken Star Wars the -- the skywalker on opening night at San Antonio the first. They had the first they had Star Wars theme wedding. At the theater with a self described owners tying the knot and cost them they say theirs is a match made in a galaxy far far away. Storm troopers Condo rented our Vator served as witnesses. They're off today than they were all for the honeymoon tea of course visit. Galaxies and it has gradually since the them adding. Texas some disastrous reviews for the other movie opening today Katz the film based on the Broadway shows getting out. Absolutely hands wander vehicle also movie and all pocket faster from which no one emerges unscathed. Another says nine lives may not be enough for the. Actress the live down their involvement. Flights and one review said that they're for the cycle laboratory mutants but it was snapped back built there. But Hollywood analysts say cap could still be a bit. This is not a critic sensitive movie right this is not a critic sensitive shall I mean again it was savage back in the day. Show me anybody who likes it I mean it's a guilty pleasure and people go for that very reason. 19% flat and rotten tomatoes the guardian Peter Bradshaw wrote in his review in the first minute game one of the poems and musical. Isn't this the twitching of the ears on their heads is distracting as they gaze at the green screen and trash day and who crawled. It's weird to be hauled them I'll earning an acting. Why do so many in the December dark. Wall. Well. Well army until like also should tell people we put those two movies back to back right that we came with some really bad reviews for cats. Is that. Star Wars produce. I Disney the parent company entity. And never use were Cadillac. But it is better look at I Esther. That fat as ever in a surplus of the day are you see cats. These are means change your plans are you creeped out by how the actors look like cats. Those are all great question that I hope that people respond to them by a letting us know by. Timeouts in the comments are tweeting us at ABC news live treated ABC news live that that not yes not us but it also remember we told about back conflict of interest slightly. Until June and as Laurie think he's got his Christmas miracle a woman who feared the worst when her beloved dog was stolen. Is breathing a sigh of relief and thanking a stranger who helped her find. Gentle giants air shelty rush by the station was there there union. Priscilla out missy has spent hours frantically passing out flyers with the description of her missing dog named chief. Eleven year old Great Pyrenees was stolen outside of the loop Walgreens on Wednesday night. I can see a says she's securely wrapped his leash around a bike rack and was gone for just five minutes by the time I checked out. Eight were gone with the dog. The Walgreens has an age. Old who took the dog. Agassi is searched all night and day for the 100 pound dog that she calls a gentle giant. I'm CEOs from California she's in Chicago to spend Christmas with relatives chief means the world to her Agassi who takes him everywhere. Panacea credits chief saving her family from the California fires. Key info one actually local club. 3:30 in the morning. Warnings from the fires on our doorstep panacea was determined to find him then. He got a call from a stranger he spotted him near the Chris Kendall market. It was him. Yeah. Terrance Graham his girlfriend saw Agassi used wire the deep till description of a grease spot on cheats back is how they immediately recognized him. Were her to go from. Don't lower dog is in this huge city to find and on the outside. Really Christmas miracle grant county with the homeless couple accuracy is says he has no plans a pressing charges she's just thankful to have her dog back. My worst fear is melted away at. I'm just so blown away by how beautiful people who aren't in the loop Sarah Schulte ABC seven Eyewitness News. Thanks to Sarah felt if we don't fill us in Chicago so glad to see chief is home C yep definitely. Well coming up a busy day ahead before we finish off the workweek ahead of the holidays we'll tell you what to watch out for today plus the story of the boy given more than toys this season. Yeah. Present myself where today president from the center of Dublin as secretary of state by Pope hailed before attending Christmas is that feeling sleepy. This evening the president will sign the national defense authorization act for the year ahead before finding my lot though partner Clark at Florida. Democrats running for president are on the campaign thought the last night to be former vice president Joseph Biden senator Bernie Sanders and mayor he would be judged. Will be bits in California senators Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker makes stops in Iowa. Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg will be had a health care event in Ohio former Hud secretary we Castro participate in a roundtable Seattle. Senator Michael Bennet came he. And histories being made at Cape Canaveral today Boeing is launching its star liner spacecraft to the International Space Station for the first time. The test goes well the star liner could be used to carry astronauts in space that's coming home Rosie the rockets here. We'll take place of the humans onboard today have risen for the sensors to measure what the fight would be like for real astronaut. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for the latest headlines. And politics. Ballad from us this week a Philadelphia teacher has given one her students more than an education she's writing him a permanent. Home nine year old Santo began living with Kelly McCloskey and her husband back in 2016. After the city's Department of Health and Human Services absurd statement today Santo is their son Kelly and talked of possibly adopted him. They say they feel like he's all lease back with them no greater benefits. I love it especially on this timings all warm and by the inside so happy for him and their family. War you are. That the progress from me in order I've ever get a sweater. Comment tomorrow. Eleven fountain. Haven't we can we'll see you next.

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