It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

Mystery virus travel alert, House impeachment managers to finish opening arguments, Jessica Simpson opens up about her struggle and more.
24:45 | 01/24/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 24, 2020
Before him and I'm Caylee hearts on here are the five things you need to know this Friday number one. The mystery virus in China spreading amid new concerns here at home. A student at Texas a and M and others to Gannett Tennessee tech university are being tested for the deadly new corona virus meanwhile China is taking new steps to stop the virus from spreading. Cutting off transportation for 33 million people in the region where the outbreak started. US State Department is also wishing to travel warning for that area never to the impeachment trial in Washington Democrats are getting ready to wrap up their opening statements today in the senate impeachment trial. Laying out how they believe president front but used its power by pressuring Ukraine to target Joseph Biden they have about eight hours lap before the president's defense team gets its turn tomorrow. On to number three the race for 20/20. California senator Connolly Harris is reportedly considering endorsing her former rival Joseph Biden analysts say the move could pave the way for her parents to become Biden's running mate if he wins the nomination. Sources tell the New York Times any endorsement would comment after the senate impeachment trial that before the harbor why things sexual assault trial resumed today after emotional and graphic testimony from actress Anna bella to your. The former soprano star told jurors that Weinstein attacked her inside her Manhattan apartment more than 25 years ago. Visibly shaking she called the experience discuss state ABC's aerial rash effort counts the testimony. The Hollywood titan forced his way into lower Manhattan apartment he started to one button his shirt. I realize what he wanted. It was pretty obvious tears streaming down her face she or at demonstrating how he pinned her hands above her head as she fought back by punching and kicking him. The actress claiming several weeks later she confronted Weinstein he leaned into me and said this remains between you would night. His eyes were black I thought he was going to hit me right. There. It's your as the first one thing accuser to testify he's charged into events events. And claims both work spiritual. And finally number five for crying over spilled milk. How about all of this red wine nearly 100000 gallons of cabernet came very close to spilling into a river in northern California. Some of that leaked out of a tank at that's been here enough to Kosovo and to develop and if you ponds the Weinstein towards a creek that feeds in nearby river. But officials think they stop the flow in time. We feel that I could not that much wind got into the waterway we are investigating the other tanks have moved wine out of that area as well to prevent any future leaks as well. They cabernet sells for about 27 dollars a bottle so it looks like millions of dollars were locked out that's pretty heavy there. Score everyone let's get right to that mystery virus from China and several breaking developments overnight the US State Department has issued a new travel warning. As via word of a third possible case here in the United States. That college student in Tennessee and another in Texas. Are now being tested after showing symptoms of this newly identified virus at least one of them recently traveled to the region in China. Where we've just learned that 33 million people are now being quarantined. The lockdown area was expanded overnight. Iran Washington today senators will hear from top health officials to get the latest on this growing concern. This morning US health officials are monitoring three new possible cases of the deadly corona virus a student at Texas a and M a self quarantine in his home. After returning from China falling ill and going to the ER patients a mild symptoms and was improving. So that's of a very good sign. And overnight word that a student at Tennessee tech university has reported mild symptoms and is being tested for the virus. The first confirmed case in the US a man in his thirties is being treated near Seattle in isolation in a bio containment room. The immediate risk the American public is low. However this situation is evolving quickly and I do expect more cases in the United States' as well as human to human transmission. It just the last week the virus which triggers cold like symptoms has spread to ten countries sickening at least 830 people leaving at least 45 dead. Mostly in Wuhan one of the largest transportation hubs in central China clinics in the city are now overwhelmed us patients are screened as supermarket shelves are bare. A 24 hour live stream shows workers in Wuhan frantically building a brand new hospital. With 1000 new beds just for corona virus patients a travel ban remains in place in Wuhan along when nine other nearby cities to try to contain the virus is spread. But he more than 33 million people under quarantine. Quarantining the city of eleven million as well as a couple of other cities in China. That's never been done before it this is a giant public health experiment. And we hope it's successful. An Al China is taking a new step closing one of its most revered cultural sites and one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world. Beijing's forbidden city will close Saturday until further notice this. Is a new disease and we continue to learn about it. So far the data suggest that the incubation period is in round two weeks what will really be learning more about this over the next couple weeks. US State Department has now issued a do not travel warning for the Wuhan region of China in addition to they've forbidden city. Shanghai Disneyland is also closing because of that helped break. And turning out of the other big story of the week president trumps impeachment trial. Democrats are getting ready to wrap up their opening statements they're laying out how they believe president trump abused his power. One of the big struggles in the senate has been staying awake and now some senators are getting help paying attention. ABC's Elizabeth her has the latest from Capitol Hill including what's ahead this weekend good morning Elizabeth. Kelly good morning to you and some GOP senators are also growing more frustrated calling the democrats' arguments repetitive. And to the house managers are asking them to hang in there with just about eight more hours ago debit. Crap prepared to wrap up their case arguing for removing president trump from office. His conduct is not America first. It is Donald Trump spurs. The house managers accusing the president of abusing his power and obstructing congress. Alleging the president only started pushing Ukraine to launch investigations against do bite in. When pulls started showing the former VP as his biggest threat. No president has ever used his office to compel a foreign nation to help him cheat. In our elections. In the actions of the president do not reach that level no matter what school of thoughts are on the. President's lawyers maintaining abuse of power is not a crime and therefore not an impeachable offense. Democrats countering that argument by playing this old video of what the president's top allies senator Lindsey Graham from the Clinton impeachment trial. Denton happier crack. He's just when you start using your office in your acting in a way that hurts people. You committed our crime. All 100 senators required to fit through these marathon sessions. Doing what they can to stay alert some using Phidget spinners in stressful others even sketching. And lead house prosecutor Adam Schiff closing this day with this impassioned plea for the senate. If you find him guilty. You must find. That he should be removed. Because right matters. Because right matters. And the truth maps. Otherwise we are lost. And tomorrow of the president's lawyers take over and sources tell us that they're actually concerned because the arguments could get buried on a Saturday so it is possible they go for a shorter session tomorrow and leave the bulk of their arguments for next week. Can I think Haley and maybe everybody will have time to catch up on some sleep and that case Elizabeth Barrett thank you so much. At senators Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar on duty as jurors in the impeachment trial but the other democratic presidential candidates are on the campaign fell of the Iowa Caucuses are just. We're a week away let's go to our team of reporters following the candidates in the field for the latest. Wanna guides. Hey guys the first in the nation primary may be a little over two weeks away. But it's definitely getting a little busy New Hampshire this weekend. Former vice president Joseph Biden is back in the state beginning a two day swing today they are people to judges in town tonight for town hall at the University of New Hampshire. Congresswoman Woolsey Kemper. Continues her latest swing through the state and while senator Elizabeth Warren is sitting in the senate trial in Washington her campaign district to keep from message active in the state. By bringing in several circuits will be campaigning on her behalf. Beginning with actress actually taught on Friday. He has made PP just wrapped up his Thursday here in South Carolina holding two events across the state. The first was with Angela Ryan if you had a very candid conversation about the struggles he's had you're trying to win over black voters. Here pizza that he's taken notice sounding like people are attending his events. And the lack of diversity at them he talked about his efforts to reach these communities as really. Touting his support that he has go back home in South Bend, Indiana. And added another event in monk's corner he sat down with Solomon the got to hear in his hometown. They talked about their peace proposals such as the Douglas planets. And his 21 century homestead act and things they can really empower Black America and issues that are facing Vladimir. Here in the states such as health care. Leaves gaps and increasing the minimum wage which would really benefit a lot of these communities now on Friday aimed at people who judge. Heads to New Hampshire for a town hall and the fund raiser in Boston. Back to you. Our thanks suggesting Gomez and Kristin Otto on the campaign trail there and coming up next. A popular dating apple rolls out and new safety feature how it can save you from days gone wrong. And up next Jessica Simpson reveals for very personal struggle. After this. Welcome back it is. Finally Friday and the weekend it's almost here for some of us I'll see this weekend on GMA world news. She's worked him I'm says we've been up all night keeping track of the news here's some of the stories we've covered so far world is now an American this morning. The drug administration is cracking down on what it calls birth tourism. Foreign women coming to the US to give birth so their children can be American citizens under the new rules taking effect today. US officials around the world can denying these applications for any women they believe are coming to the US for the sole purpose of giving birth. Pregnant these applicants must prove they need to give birth in the US for a medical or other compelling reason and they can pay for it. Breaking overnight troubled free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has surrendered to Florida police. On multiple charges including burglary brown turned himself fan in Broward County last night and day after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The charges stem from Tuesday disputed his home where investigators say he refused to pay 4000 dollars to a moving van driver. The NFL is already investigating rape and other charges against brown. This is what greeted up highway trying to land this plane out of Puerto airport a man pointed a laser directly at him. He says he was temporarily blinded other pilots including one and I police helicopter also reported seeing the laser. Police say the man even uses taser. On them adjusters. In their direction with a camera when they finally arrested him. Prosecutors in order revealing their evidence against a man they say is the so called pillowcase rapists who terrorize women in the 1980s. Robert Koehler was arrested after DNA analysis tied into an alleged rape in Miami in 1983. Prosecutors say they found what they described as a dungeon underneath his home. They say their search also turned up several safes containing potential evidence from his alleged victims. Within one of those states where a number of items of women's jewelry. Things that looked like trinkets possibly souvenirs if he will of his prior offenses. Authorities say they've linked Kohler to at least 25 crimes. Kohler Sutton was recently arrested him prosecutors say his DNA was nearly matched and a pillowcase rate that's what's helped lead to holders arrest. The billionaire founder of a drug company. It has been sentenced to five and a happy years in prison for bribery kickback scheme that helped fuel the OP or crisis. Docking port paid off doctors are increased descriptions of his company's addictive. Fentanyl spray even for people who did needed. He's considered the first Pope Buick maker found criminally liable for the crisis. The former CEO of Wells Fargo has been banished from the banking industry and for life for his role in fake account scandal. Regulators have also imposed huge fines on John stuff and other executives for pushing employees to open millions of bogus bank accounts to meet sales quotas. Stump was fine more than seventeen million dollars it's the first time individuals have been punished for the banks wrongdoing. Tributes are pouring in for Jim Lara he anchored the news on PBS for three decades and moderated a record twelve presidential debates. He was widely respective ports fairness and integrity. President Clinton said Jim layers life was a gift that strengthen our democracy. A titan in journalism. He was 85. We turned out to actress and singer Jessica Simpson revealing her struggle with addiction. She says she hit rock bottom on Halloween when she started drinking early in the morning and was so drunk she couldn't Dresser kids. This morning Jessica Simpson long known as the bubbly blonde with a big personality. He's opening up in a powerful new memoir entitled. Open book. The 39 year old revealing for the first time she was sexually abused as a child. And as her pain grew over the years she says she started to self medicate. She talks about also how she started ten nun and her her pain there's lot of emotional pain and anxiety. That stemmed from that. And that she used alcohol and stimulants to numb herself. The mother of three says she hit rock bottom on Halloween 2017. Writing in the book. It was 7:30 in the morning and I already how to drink later in the asked her to get their kids dressed in their costumes. She confesses she went to her room instead and took an Ambien because she quote. Was terrified of letting them see me and that she writing I am ashamed to say that I don't know who got them into their costumes that night. Simpson says the next morning I slept in afraid to see them afraid I have failed them. I hit until they laughed then drank. Now the star says she's been sober since November 2017. Writing I was mad at that bottle. How it allowed meet ST complacent and none. Said to me I want to be that girl on newlyweds again. The one that you know that people related to. So I really think she can do that and that's really the message of her book choice to help. Inspire others. Simpson says she's hoping by talking about her life experience. She can help others who were struggling. And sports breaking news from the Australian Open fifteen year old phenom cocoa golf. Has upset defending champion Naomi Osaka it was their first meeting since Osaka beat golf at the US open. This what arguably the biggest of Koko the young career. Stunning loss overnight Serena Williams has been knocked out of the tournament the third round losses are earliest since 2006. Us. And we now have another warning to this murder Tinder users. Get access I didn't mean to say you GAAP. I mean you did see my tender. Yeah it that and I saw your any light crude on gender is about to get access to new safety feature. I'm not on tender but the company says those features include up panic button that users can hit to alert police if something goes. Criminally wrong on their date. Again criminally wrong another all out staters to check in and tell friends where they are the features will be part. Of a new section of tenders app called the safety center it will be rolled out next Tuesday. This actually give a good thing I know let's go right thing Kuwait saying it. In an outlaw how people stay safe for army when meeting strangers. Of course of Julie Ann Hoover has a similar feature yet I clearing out candy and to that who rap and allow weighing. Also the ability bringing your friends that you would like to share your location right it and so on and so forth app that excess. Get thing. A Camp David exorcist called one of speech ever worked out in your favor Colorado woman is hoping police can find the crooks who got a speeding ticket and her stolen Jeep. Denise or errant husband was warm up the Jeep outside their home in November when someone jumped in and drove off she got back last month. But it was towed for having expired plates. Time the crooks have ending cut that a valuable clue recently showed up at her mailbox. I'm opening up my mill can come across the ticket I said look I went and found that means there in the Jeep and drove in the G. She's. You and I can't pick camera that any ticket showing that spec camera there and yet no arrests. Have been no arrests but may I guess we should point out acquisition of those people's faces on television. Police haven't that it those are the suspects'. Obvious leader and ethical proving guilty. There you go. Check out what this drone captured in wildlife. Autumn move along the west cuts Lee who. That's the great wells off the Newport Beach, California coast there they're just a few. Of the estimated 22000 wells migrating south to Baja Mexico. The wells travel about 121000 miles each year from the Arctic they are on the move. But they're heading to Mexico. For something good breeding. Bob Huff her wedding in May think of them either yeah you get the of the breed. And have them cats what I want out that's value I think now we have to get underwater probably see it content for the next and it's the smelly Nat. The growth. Starts with a mix and we just a shame that path we are you saying people do some math that things. On planes be all how up on the feed their method without a little digital display look at this person right here. Yep oh yeah fifth. We are proud of I was I didn't say about back initiated on national television airing it out that nasty dirty sneaker you think the events. She cost cool. And right featured basically kicked out right at someone said look for a perfect way to threaten your scent throughout the cat look no further. You know ball we've got it may Mars back ball did she. Give a motto don't put your feet up on that aren't rats don't walk around with you shoot it we needed to turn the page here get did the of the Gwinnett. But the poppy like a puppy that would only say it may today this puppy got its head stuck in a little tired there at tight spot. But gets wet but got that pop up. They did you firefighter. You. It's Friday all. So we're very people buy if they hots for about keeping. My thing going right now but that would we will start with good intentions to reach that shiny new tomorrow with an ambitious list of New Year's resolution that's basically. Most of but not me gave up this week now and build on. However if you're looking for a little miss Kennedy you don't need to watches our own little can't talk to an expert. New year new you. To maybe not. Study showed that 80% of people with state of New Year's resolution would give it up like this week of February and most people don't even make it that Martin. January 9. Fiscal quarters stay because that's the dark day that most of us hello and it's now unless bureau Gibbons has something to say about this starts and. There were big hopes this year I'm Elliott a lot of way and then after OK and it stopped drinking. Their resolutions are just too grandiose they're weighing two different dogs we've seen are not Smart they're not specific measurable attainable realistic. More timely solo home run up by the again I would and makes their bibles by revelations this new year arts arts what does it. Or does specific measurable attainable realistic and timely. Some aren't. So instead of trying something for a whole year Deere says there's a magic number to consider when making a Smart resolution. Let me Monday funny one day that is the timetable Y 21 days. 21 days is being on of time that something actually turns into the me having spin becomes a lot easier after those first 21 days another tip. Make those goals visible if your goal is to stop smoking for example. Navy coast stop smoking signs around your house and Beers says you don't have to you and you should and though it a little you can get the support lets people and from their friends and family members. But there also these great support groups online in the east to break down I'm fine like minded individual figures shared common goal when at. Yeah having a bad day challenge now we're seeing how they get her acting is really important and I'm sort of support systems on up in order to maintain. And finally let's be real so what if day seventeen to towards when he Wednesday commitment. We go to a birthday party we have the cheesecake we during the Y. We might slip up a little bit is that the time to throw in the towel do not throw in the towel don't throw in the towel just because you. Slipped a little bit just get right back on track don't beat yourself up pick up the pieces. Tomorrow the new day we'll again CDC news New York. And that's a question of the day how you kept your New Year's resolutions like an active night Telus house accessible you abandon in the comments or tweet us at ABC news live and if you haven't been successful. Like me that's a case you. It is okay. Maybe next year that 4041. And coming up we'll tell you what's to come on this Friday January 24 plus what present truck is doing today that the first first sitting president. Ines. Welcome back here's what to watch our port today before senators sit for the impeachment trial they will receive a briefing with top administration officials. On the corona virus outbreak from the CDC. The State Department and others that house impeachment managers are set. To complete their case against president trough after dissecting the abuse of power. Charge for nine and a half hours yesterday they will concentrate on the second article of impeachment obstruction of congress and the remaining time of just under eight hours. Meanwhile pressed trump is scheduled to speak at the march for life. The annual anti abortion rally on the National Mall. Trust address will be the first at the event by a sitting president being active with gratitude Burton takes part of climate strike protest in Davos Switzerland together. With other activists on the final day of the World Economic Forum. Back here at home a rapper yo Gotti teen rocked. For hosting a rally at the next missile capitol protest. Organizers call it inhumane conditions at the State's present governor take green's announced several changes the prison system yesterday. And Boeing's new 777. X aircraft's first test white. It's scheduled to take place after bad weather delayed its fox scheduled for Thursday vote is as the plane is on track to be delivered it to when he 21. And it's designed to hold and braids of. Gore hung parade and six people that. In the small city right. Small town that you asked that everywhere keep their shoes on hold bass. Yeah because they really are on our please please. All that is their prices they're great have Caylee heart front here we come back clear. Many yeah I am we can't wait to have you back. Every week and a half I'm working this we get I'm saying cabinet fine print the boat but I well. I haven't gotten wolf the F.

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